Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Last Month

Yikes. Blog neglect at it's finest.

My very, very, very good reason is that I have been spending a LOT of time working. Yes, actually working. For a long time I was saying that I was trying to start a business, now I think I can officially say that I have started a business.

Heidi Haines Photography.

You can check out the site that has been getting a lot more of my attention that this blog: Heidi Haines Photography. It has been a lot of work to pull together and I didn't even do it all myself. Thankfully I had some wonderful help from someone who doesn't feel like HTML code is a second language. Anyway, I have also been pretty busy with photo sessions and editing. I love it because I get to be creative and get out of the house a little bit!

If you're interested in a session, contact me!

Also, Steve managed to have almost two weeks off from work and so we were also staycationing, relaxing, and getting other projects done too. One of my favorite things that we did was this:
Piano stairs!! I am also really excited about two different projects that are still in the works and so I don't have pictures of them yet. Stay tuned.

But, I do need to write an update blog about Kye because he has changed a ton and it just one of the cutest little things ever right now, so...back to blogging!!