Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love to do projects. Mainly I just love to be creative and make things and so when I say I like to do projects it's kind of like saying I like arts and craft time. But a little bit more then that. I posted this picture on Instagram of a project that Steve and I decided to do when he had some time off a few weeks back.

Piano stairs. Heck yes. 

A year ago when we moved into this house I undertook the project of "fireplace art". I thought why buy something for above the fireplace when I could make something? It took me awhile to make it. To be fair, Steve told me it was going to take me awhile to make it and I said, "Pssh. No way!" It DID take me awhile to make it though, haha!! The four pieces of art represent us and our story, but you'd have to see them in person to really get it and see the detail. Anyway, I am happy with the way it turned out.
 And most recently was this project. Let me tell you, Pinterest is full of awesome ideas but they are not all what they seem. This seemingly super easy Pinterest project idea took me days to finish when I thought it would take a few hours. I am happy with result and the super large piece of art for our upstairs hallway that only cost about $20 to make...but I was almost in tears a few times during the making of said project due to the amount of hours put in vs. some really annoying results and redos that took place. I won't tell you the whole story, but I did actually write a comment on the blog where I found this idea to warn others about what they were getting into. :)
Anyway, I like projectland, even when it doesn't go exactly the way that I think it will. My next project is probably going to involve a really old window that I found at a garage sale that I have sitting out in the garage. Just waiting for the right inspiration about what exactly to do with the window...I'm open to suggestions. Even Pinterest ideas. :) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Man Child

Alright. I haven't written an update on Kye's progress as a human being in a long time. He has changed so much and has developed so much more of his personality in the past few months!

First of all, I am pretty sure he gets away with sooooo much more than the girls ever did. I guess that's what comes from being the baby of the family. Even tonight I was noticing that he doesn't listen as well as they did at that age, but I think that's because we don't enforce it as much. I told him to "come here" and he ran away and hid in the corner and would not come out. I remember the girls doing the same thing when they were younger, but I never let them get away with it. Tonight I decided I better not let him get away with it anymore either.

Kye is getting more and more verbal, but I've noticed that if I ask him to say a new word in a normal voice he won't always try. However, sometimes I can get him to say new things in a whisper. He will say "up" all the time if I whisper it to him, but he has only said it out loud one time ever. A few nights ago we were all sitting at the table, Steve and the girls were working on a puzzle and Kye was sitting on my lap. He was quietly playing with some plastic toy playdough scissors and so I whispered in his ear, "Can you say scissors?" And he whispered back, "Scissis." I was totally surprised. All in whispers he said mama, dada, Piper, scissors, ball, baby, oh boy! (which sounds like oh biya!) outside, all done, up, thank you (which also totally surprised me because Tryn, our earliest verbal child, couldn't say thank you until she was almost two years old) and he tries really hard to say Berlin. He still won't try saying Tryn yet. Oh, and the way that he communicates that he wants Mr. Monkey, his bff, is making a little sound that is similar to the sound that Piper makes when she is whimpering. So when he is looking for his monkey he walks around making little whimpering sounds with his soft chubby hands turned palms up with a quizzical look on his face and it just melts my heart every time.

Oh, haha!! Also, Kye loooooves his dad. As soon as Steve gets home from work Kye wants to be where ever his dad is or do whatever he is doing. If Steve is in a different part of the house, say going upstairs to change clothes, Kye will either have a fit because he didn't get to tag along OR he will stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell, "DADA! DA! Dada!" until Steve answers him. The yelling parts, not the fits, are hilarious.

One of my most favorite things right now is the fact that he has realized that he can communicate that he wants to be picked up, even though he won't say "up" out loud. What he does instead is he comes up to me and lifts up his arms and then with all of his little might and energy he lifts his body as much as he can. He gets all the way up onto his toes, as if stretching and reaching for me with all his might is going to lift him right off the ground into my arms. It's too darn cute.

He also loves to be outside (what boy doesn't?!), loves to play upstairs in his big sister's room, loves music, has started dancing or clapping when he hears his favorite songs, loves to be at home (as in gets stressed when we spend the night elsewhere and is never more happy than when we come home after being away for a few days), loves trucks and getting into anything (especially markers) that his sister's leave laying around, and he loves food. Well, he loves food that he likes. He still won't eat many veggies, but gosh this little boy can sure eat a lot when he likes what he is eating!

He is changing all the time, but one thing still remains the same. He is still The Most Loved Boy in the World.