Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome Fall

Okay, so fall officially started last week sometime, but we didn't officially welcome fall until yesterday. The cold blustery weather the past two days was the start of fall to me, so we said hello. I stopped by the grocery store after work and picked up dinner, stuff to make cookies, and some fall colored flowers for my table.

For dinner I made ham and potatoes, really basic, but a meal that I never make in the summer. It's definitely a fall/winter meal for us. It was tasty. Then after dinner the four of us "cooked". Really we baked pumpkin cookies, but the girls call it cooking. They love to cook and whenever we cook together they each get a bowl and there are no rules. They can pretty much spill whatever, get totally dirty, taste whatever they want, and I just let them have at it. I want cooking to be something they enjoy and a positive family experience, so I don't tell them, "No! Don't do that!" I just let them have fun. I give them measuring spoons and cups and let them mix together whatever they want - while I mix the real stuff separately, of course :) Baking supplies are really inexpensive, so wasting a cup or two of flour is no big deal to me.

Berlin is so worried about messes that the first time we cooked together she got really upset when she spilled on the counter. She couldn't keep mixing until I wiped up what she had spilled. Then I showed her how to spill what was in her bowl all over the counter and showed her how to draw in it and mush it around. Things were much better after that. If she spills now it's just an "uh oh" and then she keeps on cooking. Tryn is adorable and takes her cooking very seriously. She mixes everything and measures, then she handed me her really soupy bowl of mix told me that I could put hers in the oven next. It discreetly made it's way into the sink while she was decorating the cookies with frosting.

Serious Tryn.

Tasting flour.

Telling daddy that eating raw flour is yucky. Who would've thought? :)

These cookies probably have a LOT more frosting on them than they are supposed to, but, like I said, there are no rules. I mean, I guess there are some, like the kids can't eat a whole can of frosting themselves. However, we did all dip our fingers into the frosting before we started frosting the cookies. I guess I mean there are no rules when it comes to the creative expression side of things.

Don't actually know what she is doing here, but she sure looks pretty cute :) I wish I would have remembered to take her shirt off before we actually fully got into cooking though...it got a little dirty.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Things Come...

Thank you all for your comments on my blog earlier this week about life stuff. I am still not 100% sure how I feel about the whole thing, and am still slightly frustrated by ongoing things in my life, but I was reminded of a few very important things! Sometimes I get really caught up in the details and the logistics of things – it is a strength that also becomes one of my biggest weaknesses. Through your comments I was reminded of the fact that no matter what, God is a father to me and he really cares about my life and what happens to it (regardless of whether or not he is orchestrating the details or not). Also, I was reminded that what I think is best for my life is probably not what actually is best all the time.

Which leads me to a really great story and some good news! Part of the reason I could not explain the details of what was going on earlier this week is because things were not official yet, but they are now, I have a new job!

See, one year ago this week, September 22 specifically, I started working full time. Prior to this I had been a stay at home mom with a very part time nanny position in which I was able to bring both my girls with me. Perfect. Until I started going crazy being at home with both kids, especially since, and I won’t name names or anything, one of them cried a majority of the day for the first 7ish months of her life. So I started looking for a part time job that would get me out of the house without the kiddos. Since Steve was mainly just working weekends at that time this was also perfect because he could be home on any weekdays with them. Then all I was able to find was a full time job. This freaked me out a little bit. I didn’t really want to be away from the girls that much.

However, at the same time, I knew that it would be really good for our family. I knew that if I worked full time for one year that it would create some amazing financial freedom for us, it would bring us to a place that would have take years and years to get to if I did not work full time.

So, I committed to working full time for one year. I didn’t really commit this to God or myself, I committed this mainly to my family. I wanted to do this for my family because I knew that the benefits would be immeasurable in the years to come.

This summer, when it was perfect 80 degrees and my kids were playing at the park and going to the beach, I started looking for a part time job. I started to get really frustrated about not being with them more, although, at the same time, I realized that I like working and it is good for me to be able to be out of the house doing something else on a regular basis. I desperately looked for a part time job for several weeks, sent my resume to numerous organizations, and didn’t get a single call or interview.

About 6-8 weeks ago I decided to completely give up looking for a part time job. I wasn’t finding anything and realized there were several hundred resumes per job opening. Such is the economy right now. Last week, on Tuesday, I wrote my supervisor an email and pretty much said, “Things seem to be working out okay “as is” for now, I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.” I had previously, back in June, told her that, for many reason not only including my desire for part time work, I would probably not be able to stay past October. I won’t get into all the details. (See, I warned you this was going to be a long story! And remember, this is only one half of what caused my post earlier this week!)

That same day, Tuesday night, I found out about a part time job opening at the same place my husband is working (in a different department). I found out that the job had been open for a little while and that there had been hundreds of resumes submitted, some from different parts of the country. I submitted my resume Wednesday morning anyway, just to see. Exactly one week later, and exactly one year since I made the commitment to my family, I have a new part time job. It’s pretty crazy and my head has just been spinning. I have thought so many times this week, “One week ago I had no idea that I would have a new job this week!” My first day is on Tuesday.

The very best part? My family will now get a family day together every single week! This past year we averaged a family day (where we get to spend a whole day together with each other) once every six months – not exaggerating, at all. I am so excited. I can’t even tell you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I think Berlin is rather edible looking, don't you?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To be or not to be? That really is the question...

Well, apparently my kids are not as funny to everyone else as they are to me. I am still chuckling about that picture from my last post, but it seems like not as many people enjoyed it as much as I did. That’s okay, I forgive you for not laughing at my kids. I mean, I guess they can’t just be the cutest thing in the world ALL the time…just most of the time, maybe? :) Thanks to those of you who did write a caption, my thoughts were, “Exactly!” That’s what I was thinking too!

Anyway, I have something on my mind. I don’t often write personal things, thoughts about what I am thinking about or dealing with, so maybe this will be a total flop and you will all hate me and never read my blog again. I also don’t often write about my wonderings concerning God, it’s a touchy subject and I don’t like to make people mad.

But maybe you won’t hate me and you will actually have some good insight, thoughts, or an experience that you would like to share to help me make up my darn mind.

And maybe you will still read my blog. Maybe.

Here is my struggle, and I know this is a huge issue with lots of different aspects, but here is what is on my mind anyway today. I don’t believe that God orchestrates every part of our lives. Ah! Don’t hate me already. But, for example, I don’t think that there is “the one” person that God has picked out for each one of us to marry. That creates way too many problems. I think there are lots of good options and that whoever you end up choosing to marry becomes the right one. You can really make it work with almost anyone who is living a healthy lifestyle, it will just be a lot easier to make it work with some (personality, beliefs, and lifestyle-wise) than with others. I don’t believe that God is planning on me living at a certain address at a certain date in time with an exact number of kids and that I have to figure out that plan and how to make it work. I don’t believe that God has any sort of exact plan for my life and that I have to make sure I find it and make sure I don't mess it up.

HOWEVER. Sometimes things seem so downright ironically, incidentally, and amazingly coincidental that it seems like there must be some things that God brings together on purpose. It very much seems like something are the “right” circumstance or happening. And that makes me wonder. For example, there have been times where I can see that God has taken care of us in very specific ways. Certain things happening on certain days followed by results that would make a person wonder, “It almost seems like God had exactly planned that out, down to the day/time/ect.” But how does that fit into Him not planning out my life down to the exact letter?

I have two circumstances in my life right now that I can’t actually explain in detail here today. I would have to write a short story/essay that would be several pages long. However, it seems like one circumstance is very God orchestrated with ironically coincidental timing. The other appears to just be a decision that must be made, but it leaves me wondering if there is a “right” or “better” part of that decision that I just can't see. It seems like a situation where there should be "God's timing", but it’s just like a tossup. It seems like if it is true that God has cause this other part of my life to come about the way that it has, that it should follow that it would apply to just more than that part. Doesn’t it?

Oh, man. I feel like asking myself, with the same drama that Tryn portrayed the other night when I told her we were going to get in the car, “Oh my gosh, Mom, what are you thinking?” I have no idea. Any thoughts? We could try to have a discussion in the comments section here if people are so inclined...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh, Caption, my Caption!!

Does this picture make you laugh as hard as it makes me laugh? Seriously people, I am not making this stuff up.

This is so funny to me. A week or two ago, after a successfully potty chair experience, I put a pair of underwear on Berlin. She was really excited to wear underwear like Tryn. I was little worried about her getting chilly in nothing but a pair of underwear, so I put a pair of leggings on her. I thought she looked adorable and followed her around trying to get her to pose for a picture with absolutely no success. However, I did somehow manage to snap this hilarious picture that I don't actually remember taking! I mean, seriously, this picture is just calling for a great caption. I can think of at least five off the top of my head right now.

How many are going through your head? Feel free to leave yours in the comments section (by clicking the comment link below) if you have any fun captions. I am ready to laugh some more regarding this particular photo!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A First

We had a first today in our family, one that I actually wondered if we would ever have. It was the first time Tryn understood what Berlin wanted when I didn't.

I had wondered about this. I had heard stories of other families who would talk about the younger child not needing to learn words as fast because the older child would just jump in for them. Or stories of the older child saying, "No, she wants this," which is what happened to me today.

I was on the phone with my sister who called to tell me that I am in fact going to have my first very own niece in a few months! [Sidenote: I am SO excited about this. I mean, I love my three nephews to pieces, but I have never got to have my very own niece before. I am also excited because one of my best friends growing up was my cousin, my mom's sister's daughter. There is potential here.] Anyway. While I was talking to my sister, Berlin came up to me and started getting really frustrated. She kept pulling at her shirt and going, "Eehhh!!" That means, "I am frustrated." Trust me, I know. So I ended my phone conversation and turned to Berlin.

"What, Berlin?" I asked.

"Eehhh!! Eh, eh!!" More shirt tugging and efforts to lift it over her head.

"Berlin, no. You can't take your shirt off. It's to cold to be nakie all the way," mind you all she was already wearing was a t-shirt, diaper, and shoes - after she refused pants after going potty.

"Eeeehhhhh!!!! Eeehhh!!!!" Very mad now. In fact, we were both getting fairly frustrated.

Suddenly - very matter of fact - Tryn pipes up from her place of observation, sitting on the couch with a book in her lap, "Mom, Berlin wants you to put a dress on her."


Sure enough, there sitting right at my side, that I didn't notice in my excited phone conversation, was a big pink princess dress.

Silly me. It happened, Tryn was able to explain Berlin to me when I didn't know what was going on. What does that mean about who is in charge here? ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Berlin Update

When Tryn came into my life I was very good at noticing and remembering details, especially about her. I knew how many days until her first smile, when she laughed her first laugh, the day that she crawled, the day that she took a step, the day that she started walking, how many words she knew when she was nine months old, how many more words she knew when she turned one, that she could say the entire alphabet by the time she was 16 months old, and the list goes on and on. I used to actually have a list of all the words and signs that Tryn knew, between the two I think she knew somewhere around 40 words by her first birthday – point is, there was a list somewhere to document it, so that I could remember. I had started a journal for Tryn, recording significant or cute things that she did.

Then along came Berlin.

I started a journal for Berlin too. With best intentions I recorded Berlin first smile, her first laugh, and then suddenly I realized that she had started rolling over and I couldn’t remember the day it happened. She had just been doing it for a couple of weeks and so I wrote something like, “Berlin has been rolling over for a couple of weeks now…” and so went many of my entries, for both girls.

As I realized I was not being able to keep up on the hand written entries very well, I started this blog. My goal? Besides just an outlet to get myself to write more, it was to write about life in our household. For my little girls to be able to know what life was like for us when they were little. For them to know when they first walked, talked, read a book on their own, etc. So that I could remember that really funny thing they said to me in front of all our relatives at the family reunion (if I ever actually made it to those). If people wanted to read it they could, but if nothing else, at least my girls would maybe care about it someday. It was going pretty well…

Until I realized that Berlin turned 18 months old on August 26 and I barely noticed. In fact, I didn’t notice until just a couple of days ago. Shoot.

So, here is my update on little Berlin, for her records and mine, and, if you want to know about our sweet little Berlin, please read on.

In the last 18 months Berlin has fallen off the kitchen table (twice), fallen down concrete and carpeted stairs, fallen up concrete and carpeted stairs, fallen off the couch, fallen off the living room chairs, fallen off kitchen chairs, fallen off of our bed (three or four times), and has tripped or fallen down more times than I can count and has never been to the emergency room or even the doctor as a result. She has never had more than a bruise or a scrapped knee. I am usually not one to say cheesy things, but I honestly and truly believe that Berlin has an amazing guardian angel or three watching over her. She should have required medical care so many times. My mother’s heart is so glad that she has not. It’s a good thing that I am not one who generally freaks out about things like this. Berlin is an expert at getting herself into things like this, it might have something to do with her determination to start walking when she was only eight months old.

Maybe it is second child nature, but Berlin is more than just physically resilient. She has been standing up for herself, mainly against her big sister, for a long time now. Trynica does not get to push Berlin around. In fact, Berlin can make Tryn cry, I think more often than Tryn makes Berlin cry.

Berlin is also at the age now where she is constantly trying to repeat everything that she hears us say. She is picking up new words everyday and sometimes, because I am so not caught up in the little details as often, she just amazes me by the things she is learning constantly. The other morning, right after she woke up, I carried her into the kitchen with me and she pointed at the stove and said, “Egg.” She wanted an egg for breakfast. I think that was the first time that she asked for a specific food (besides just the regular “eat” or “drink”) without any sort of prompt. The other thing concerning food that I really love that Berlin does is whenever she hears the ice cream truck traveling through our neighborhood she throws her hands up in the air and yells, “Cream! Cream! I-cream!” Oh. So. Cute.

Although Berlin is daily surprising us with new words and even phrases, she has never been a girl of many words. She learns what she needs to get by and kind of doesn’t care about the rest. Her ways of communicating though are just precious. When we ask her a question and, if her answer is yes, she will just nod her head yes. Very earnestly. It is adorable. And she does know a lot of words. I have no idea how many, but more and more every day. Her first two words that she put together, her first “sentence” was, “Help me!” She started saying this about two months ago now. Now the cutest thing in the world is when we ask her a question, sometimes just for fun (because sometimes I know that she knows the answer), she will put her hands out to the side – palm up – and say, “I don know,” in the cutest voice possible. She is just edible.

Dogs and horses are Berlin’s two favorite animals, she loves princesses, she is really starting to love to sit on our laps to read books (though she still gets really mad if she doesn’t get to turn the pages), and being outside is, for Berlin, being in her happy place. Food is Berlin’s second happy place. She loves to eat and will most often eat more than Tryn does in one sitting.

Oh, and Berlin’s newest and biggest news is that she is potty training herself! I was going to wait awhile, mainly because I am not home much enough to really focus on the whole thing, but Berlin has gotten in her mind that she wants to start using the potty like Tryn. So she does. Last night she actually went #2 on the potty!! At 18 months old. She totally understands the concept and has actually told us several times already that she wants to go potty. If her diaper is too wet or dirty she will ask us to change it. She has gone and gotten a diaper and brought it to us before we even know her diaper is dirty. She especially hates having a dirty diaper right now and won’t even sit down while dirty if she can avoid it. Every time I ask her if she wants to go potty she nods her little head yes and off we go. It’s great and so easy!

Before Berlin was born I had freaked out a little bit that it wasn't going to be "just us and Tryn" anymore. I have, however, completely gotten over that and can't imagine life without Berlin. She has made a lasting and irreplaceable impression on our little family and all three of us (well, especially me and Steve, Tryn has her moments) completely adore her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Fairy Princesses

I think I have mentioned my mom's amazing garden before. This last time when I was there I realized that her garden takes up a plot of land that is as big as the chunk that our entire condo building sits on. What would that be? About 5,227 sq feet? Sounds about right. It's huge. And so are the flowers. They are as tall as trees, even taller than some trees, depending on what kind of tree you are looking at. Anyway.

I love the contrast of my delicate little girls standing next to these intense flowers. I took a similar picture of Tryn last year, but didn't have one of Berlin so I wanted to have one of each of the girls. When we buy our house and have room for more pictures I am going to blow these up, frame them, and hang them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please Be Our Guest

This is a song from Beauty and the Beast (incase you can't tell) :) This was during lunchtime today...pretty typical lunchtime for Tryn. Singing instead of eating. I used to be able to bribe her to take bites by telling her I would sing her a song if she took a bite.

(oh, and in the background I am trying to see how much glare is on Tryn's face because - obviously - her face is totally washed out. I was trying to close the curtians, didn't really help though. Didn't really realize you could see me until I posted this. Oops! )

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You have your daddy's...

Me: Tryn, you have your daddy's eyebrows.

Tryn: Huh?

Me: Your eyebrows, they are just like daddy's.

Tryn: *reaches up to feel her eyebrows and says matter of factly* Daddy is wearing my eyebrows. *pulls at eyebrows* I can't get them off!

Me: *smirking* You can't get them off? Well, I am sure daddy will give you your back when he gets home from work.

Tryn: Yeah. Daddy will give me mine back and I will give him these. Daddy can't take my eyebrows.


I posted some pictures of our Labor Day weekend to my blog the other day and a few people commented on this particular picture:

I must say that I really like this picture too, it is one of those pictures that - final product - looks how I wanted it to look while I was imagining it from where I stood, before I even looked through the viewfinder of the camera.

However, in all fairness and honesty, that is not what it originally looked like. This is what it looked like straight from the camera:

Big difference, huh? A lot of people always ask if Lightroom is really worth it and if can really make a difference. I would say, judging by the difference of these two pictures, that the answers to that question would be yes. Most definitely. What even made a bigger difference in this particular pictures is that I (sort of accidentally) shot it in RAW format (instead of JPEG). I was borrowing my brother's camera, which is the same as mine, a Canon 40D. I didn't realize that he had it set up to shoot RAW until I had filled up the memory card with just a handful of pictures. Fortunately, this was one of them. As I learned later on, I would not have been able to bring out as much of the lost detail in this picture if I would have shot it in a different format. So, all in all, it was almost an accident that it turned out the way it did. But I sure like it, and I most definitely like Lightroom. A lot.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Talking Trynica Tells Tales

Tryn's first word was "Dada" when she was six months old, and I am not kidding when I say that she has not stopped talking since. That was not even the first indication that Tryn was going to love verbal communication though. No, when she was weeks old she would lay on the floor and "talk" to me. Not with words, of course, but with all the earnestness that a month old baby could muster she would coo and squeals and I honestly think that she thought she was talking to me like I was talking to her. I could tell right from the start that Tryn was going to be an early talker.

A little over three years later I have learned that this is true. Tryn loves to talk. It's not just talking though. Tryn especially loves to have a conversation with you. She wants you to look at her, take her seriously, and interact at an intricate verbal level. Sometimes she will just start making stuff up, just because she wants to have a conversation. She likes to get a reaction.

Tryn is also not afraid to share her opinion. For example, last night we were driving home from a family outing to Lake Calhoun [Where Steve and I ran with Tryn interjecting the entire time "Mom, what are you doing? Dad, is running a lot of work? Mom, running is a lot of work." etc.] and the song On My Radar by Britney Spears came on the radio. I jumped in on the chorus, the part where Britney repeats, "On my radar, on my radar, on my radar," and realized that Tryn was singing along. This is not unusual, she can usually sing along with parts of any song that she has heard more than a few times. However, after singing my lines Tryn interjects from the backseat, "No, no, no, no, Mom! It's not "on my radar" it's "on my rainer"."

"Really Tryn? I think it's "on my radar"," Steve and I look at each other with raised eyebrows and I cover my mouth with my hand so she can't seem me laughing.

"No, Mom. It's "on my rainer"," the song goes back into the chorus here, "See Mom, it's rainer. That's the way you are supposed to sing it."

I mean, really, have you ever argued lyrics with a three year old? I have. Funny thing is, I don't think I won that argument. A few minutes later we see a flock of birds flying overheard and Tryn says, "Wow! Look at all those birds!...I hope they don't poop on our car!"

Tryn is also very curious about everything right now. The other night she was climbing on the back of the couch and I told her, "Tryn, don't do that. I don't want you to fall and crack your head open."

She looked at me and said, "Well...what would be inside my head?"

Good question. It was almost like she was weighing the options. Listen to mom, or crack my head open to see what is in there? Hm...

She is also not afraid to be straightforward and loud with her proclamations. Last week at the fair we went into the cow barn and Tryn looked at a female cow and said, "What's that?" while pointing to the udder.

So Steve had a short conversation with her about where milk comes from and how we get the milk that we drink. She turns to me, and announces loudly for all to hear, "Mom, Mom! Look! That's were milk comes from, the cow's boob!"


The same night we were in the poultry barn at the fair and the geese were being really loud. Tryn got nervous and covered her hears. After a minute she turned to Steve and said, very matter of fact, "Dad, can you take me to see the cows? That would make me feel better."

Seriously, I could go on and on. This girl is constantly cracking us up with her comments right now. I love it. Sometimes I want to start a conversation with her just to see what will come out of her mouth.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day?

I definitely did not labor this Labor Day weekend. I mean, it's technically not even Labor Day yet, but I am pretty sure there will be no hard work tomorrow either. Not that I ever really "labor" in my work. I have digressed. Ahem. All that to say, I pretty much did the exact opposite of labor this weekend. Steve gave me the great gift of having the opportunity to have a couple nights and a whole entire day to myself this last week. As an introvert and a wife and mother of two young people, time alone is something that I covet. I love nap times and after the girls go to bed at night. This is why I stay up way too late so many nights, because I just need some time to not be on anybody's clock but my own.

I had Wednesday and Thursday nights (after work) all to myself and I took all of Friday off, just to have the first day all to myself in over three years. It was fabulous. I mentioned that I was alone in my previous post, the one with the adorable video of my girls singing to me that I have probably watched about 100 times by now. I was really truly alone and it was really truly so great. I feel very rested.

I missed my family a ton though, so I headed up to my mom and dad's a little early on Friday night to be able to see the girls before they went to bed. On Saturday all four of us, Steve, Tryn, Berlin, and me, got to be together for a whole entire day. This is also something that is very rare in our family. I work weekdays, Steve works weekends, if either of us have time off it is usually because we need to do something else - not just hang out together as a family. I think the last day that the four of us were together all day long was Memorial Day at the beginning of summer, and that was just for the day, not even for the weekend. So it was really truly the greatest weekend that I can remember in a long time.

AND, we actually got a family photo of the four of us!! I mean, we actually need to take the time to really do this sometime soon, maybe take a shower first, think about our hair, and not be wearing just whatever was still clean in the suitcase, but our last family picture was taken about 18 months ago when Berlin was a few days old...so even if both of the girls look ticked and we look a little mish-mashed, at least we have something documenting that the four of us really do live together, love each other, and belong together!

Tryn and I are oh, so carefully looking over the edge of some rocks at a waterfall. I told her that we needed to be careful and she just kept saying, "Why? Why?" I might have pulled out the nervous mom answer, "Because I said so, that's why."

Ooo! And Steve and I got another picture together too! We have a camera with us all the time it seems, but we apparently have a hard time taking pictures of anything but the kids.

Me and my sister Kristy. She is almost halfway through her first pregnancy, she looks fabulous. When I stand next to her I feel as though I should be saying that I am halfway through a pregnancy too...only, I am not.

Haha!! Steve had Tryn pose for this picture and told her that we were taking a princess picture of her. When I asked her today if she remembered taking the princess picture the other day she said, "Yeah! Mom, are you gonna put that on your blog?" I kid you not. I don't even know how she knows what my blog is. I obliged, of course.

After we trekked around Jay Cooke State Park with my mom and sister, Steve and I took the girls to Canal Park in Duluth. It was fun to walk around the place where I worked every day for over a year. We let the girls wade in Lake Superior. It was fun, but that water is never warm! The girls didn't seem to mind all that much though.

Heehee! This picture of Berlin just cracks me up!! My girls have this crazy ability to just lift their legs up really high, they are very flexible. That's all she is doing here. Just sitting on the rocky beach, lifting her leg up, just because :) She also really loves to do this while she is sitting in her carseat.

So beautiful.

It was a busy day! Oh, and Berlin really likes to use her arm rests on her carseat as leg rests instead.

What did you do this weekend? :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Beautiful Family

I am all by myself.

Steve took the girls up to my mom and dad's house and I am home. Crazy. The house is so quiet without the pitter patter of little feet. It's weird to be alone, to do what I want and to take as long as I want doing it. I actually came home and then went back out to run an errand and stopped and got gas, in the middle of the evening, and didn't feel completely stressed about trying to hurry to get back home to be with the kids. Or feel like I was taking too long. Oh, the simple things! I have taken the girls up to my mom and dad's or to Brainerd several times by myself before, always because Steve works on the weekends and I don't. But this time he is gone, they are gone, and I am here.

They left me this video. I have watched it 9 or 10 times already, but I wanted to show it to you because it is about the cutest thing ever. It took me a really long time a few minutes to figure out how to post this myself, so I hope you appreciate it :)