Thursday, September 10, 2009


I posted some pictures of our Labor Day weekend to my blog the other day and a few people commented on this particular picture:

I must say that I really like this picture too, it is one of those pictures that - final product - looks how I wanted it to look while I was imagining it from where I stood, before I even looked through the viewfinder of the camera.

However, in all fairness and honesty, that is not what it originally looked like. This is what it looked like straight from the camera:

Big difference, huh? A lot of people always ask if Lightroom is really worth it and if can really make a difference. I would say, judging by the difference of these two pictures, that the answers to that question would be yes. Most definitely. What even made a bigger difference in this particular pictures is that I (sort of accidentally) shot it in RAW format (instead of JPEG). I was borrowing my brother's camera, which is the same as mine, a Canon 40D. I didn't realize that he had it set up to shoot RAW until I had filled up the memory card with just a handful of pictures. Fortunately, this was one of them. As I learned later on, I would not have been able to bring out as much of the lost detail in this picture if I would have shot it in a different format. So, all in all, it was almost an accident that it turned out the way it did. But I sure like it, and I most definitely like Lightroom. A lot.


Amy said...

Wow, I wish I was more into the photo taking thing and stuff. My best picture of Trent and Conner are from Sears. Sad.

Kristy said...

Hmmm very interesting. I'm definitely not as, talented, in photography as some of my siblings ;) but it would still be nice to have lightroom- I've played around on it as I had a demo on my computer...I was so sad when it expired, I LOVED it.

I guess that explains why the card filled up so fast... haha! Good thing you didn't delete any of Christopher's pictures... or wait, did you? ;)