Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love to do projects. Mainly I just love to be creative and make things and so when I say I like to do projects it's kind of like saying I like arts and craft time. But a little bit more then that. I posted this picture on Instagram of a project that Steve and I decided to do when he had some time off a few weeks back.

Piano stairs. Heck yes. 

A year ago when we moved into this house I undertook the project of "fireplace art". I thought why buy something for above the fireplace when I could make something? It took me awhile to make it. To be fair, Steve told me it was going to take me awhile to make it and I said, "Pssh. No way!" It DID take me awhile to make it though, haha!! The four pieces of art represent us and our story, but you'd have to see them in person to really get it and see the detail. Anyway, I am happy with the way it turned out.
 And most recently was this project. Let me tell you, Pinterest is full of awesome ideas but they are not all what they seem. This seemingly super easy Pinterest project idea took me days to finish when I thought it would take a few hours. I am happy with result and the super large piece of art for our upstairs hallway that only cost about $20 to make...but I was almost in tears a few times during the making of said project due to the amount of hours put in vs. some really annoying results and redos that took place. I won't tell you the whole story, but I did actually write a comment on the blog where I found this idea to warn others about what they were getting into. :)
Anyway, I like projectland, even when it doesn't go exactly the way that I think it will. My next project is probably going to involve a really old window that I found at a garage sale that I have sitting out in the garage. Just waiting for the right inspiration about what exactly to do with the window...I'm open to suggestions. Even Pinterest ideas. :) 


Sara said...

Can I please come see all of these in person?!

Sara said...

Also, I had to try FOUR times before I could prove I am "not a robot". What?!