Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life on This Tuesday Morning

Apparently having three mobile children, homeschooling, starting a photography business, trying to work on a substantial writing project, and starting a women's small group have been the death of my blog this fall.

I am pleased to say that the photography business is going swimmingly and I am about as busy as I can handle being right now. In fact, a few weeks ago I had a few photo sessions every week and, while the sessions themselves only take two hours at most, I was feeling totally swamped with all the editing and website updating that needed to get done. I had to slow things down a bit so that I could feel like I was actually going to enjoy the holidays.

Lately most days are spent trying to keep the house from looking like three little tornadoes live here instead of three sweet little kiddos. There are lots of crafts, painting, coloring, book writing, and toy time going on and those things all involve lots of mess and clean up. The kids are having a great time and I feel really excited about the fun childhood that they are having...I just need a vacation from feeling like I am constantly cleaning the same things over and over. And over and over and over again. Haha!! I am totally blessed beyond measure. I just need to train the dog to pick up toys maybe. :) 

Also, having a one and a half year old little boy is so much different than when I had one and a half year old little girls. I have to keep an ever watchful eye on that little guy because he is constantly doing things he is not supposed to be doing. Such as finding the one marker that the girls missed picking up and carrying it around the house with the lid off. Daily true story. I also can barely type a sentence on the computer without little fingers getting in my way and trying to push as many buttons as possible in a 5 second time span. Maybe a solid reason I don't have much time to actually write a blog anymore.

Anyway, this morning Berlin inspired me to pull out my camera and I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of Life on This Tuesday Morning. 

 Yes, the little man child still uses a pacifier. No judgements. AND, the little bugger had a fit every time I pointed my camera at him so I have all blurry pictures of him. Bummer.
 A new development in our house is that I let the girls watch "First Position" over the weekend. It's a documentary on Netflix about kid ballet dancers. It's really interesting, especially for anyone (such as myself) who wishes that they could be a dancer in another life. :) Well, the girls just thought it was about the coolest thing and since they have worn their dance outfits constantly. I'm not kidding. I even discovered this morning that Berlin had her dance outfit from yesterday on underneath her footie pj's and she slept in it all night. They have them on underneath their clothes right now that they put on to go play in the snow. I have seen so many "dance shows" since this weekend.

That's all. If I find a few more minutes to blog tomorrow I might post the "getting the tree" pictures that I just discovered are still on my camera...but...we'll see. :)

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