Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Few More Pics...

When I was in Moab, UT this was the view out the front door of my room. It was so pretty. As I said, Steve and I went for work, with the about 80 kids from the student ministries department at CPC. It was fun to get to know so many cool students and hang out with fun co-workers.

I also had time to watch the moon rise (you should click on this picture to make it bigger, I promise).

And I saw a couple of sun sets, although this is a sunset reflection against the rocks - technically facing East.

And, as I said in my previous post, I climbed to the top of the world. Where there were these flowers. It is so hot up on top of the world that these flowers are actually dried flowers, but still in the ground. They are hard and crusty, but so pretty anyway.

Steve and I also drove up a mountain to a pass that went between the tippy tops of two mountains. There you can basically see the whole world. See? (You should click on this picture too, to get the full effect. It's better.)

Or at least hundreds of miles of the whole world.

And there are amazing wild flowers up there.

And an ice cold mountain stream, which, yes, I did drink out of. And no, I did not get sick. I think it was the coldest flowing water I have ever stuck my hand in.

We also went on a sunrise hike with all the students in Arches National Park where we saw the Delicate Arch. It was amazing. It really made me wonder how the world was formed. I fully, 100% believe that God created this fine, amazing, wonderful planet, but I don't understand how the world out there looks like it does over just 10,000 years. I am very curious.

Best of all, I got to spend some great time with my favorite person on this whole fine, amazing, wonderful planet.


Kayla said...

Cool pictures! I really like the one where you're on top of that mountain and you can see the rain falling in the distance but there is blue sky in the middle!

Words/Wonder said...

Beautiful pictures! You are incredibly talented :)