Friday, October 22, 2010

From the mouth of the babe...

Sidenote: Bff's Rollie and Cait are in town, YAY!!!

Yesterday we (Steve, Rollie, Cait, Tryn, Berlin, and I) were sitting at the table eating dinner. I don't remember exactly what the grown ups were talking about, but it probably sounded something like:

Cait: Taylor Swift's new album is gonna be awesome. I am so excited!!

Steve: What?! She can't sing. Tryn, take a bite.

Cait: Yes, she can! Have you heard her new single?

Rollie: This steak is so good.

Steve: I can't believe you are into Taylor Swift.

Cait: Whatever. She's awesome.

Rollie: Man, this steak is so good!

Steve: Babe, these potatoes are awesome.

Me: Thanks :) Tryn, please take a bite of your food.

And suddenly, in the smallest sweetest voice, in the middle of the most random conversation...

Berlin: We must always listen to God.


Sara said...

Love, love, love that!!!

(And Steve is right. Sorry Cait.)

Tonya said...

My fave TS song is the one with John know, the one where you can barely hear her?! (Shhhh, don't tell my girls I said that.) Oh, but if Cait is writing for her I'm sure it'll be great!

Kristy said...

This made me laugh out cute!

Joelle and Mitch said...

Ah ha! I love it...I can totally see this conversation taking place. Oh how we miss you all!

Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Totally laughed out loud reading this. How precious AND precious that you had time with your BFFs.

Melissa said...

This might just be my most favorite story that I have ever heard. Hilarious. Seriously. I can totally picture the whole thing :)

Mamma Bird said...

kids are awesome