Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picture This...

I know, it’s been a really long time since I’ve blogged. Well, of course it would happen that while I am in the final month and half of my pregnancy that I get the worst cold ever. I have it almost exactly two weeks so far and it has progressively gotten worse instead of better. Although after this weekend, just when I decided I should probably go to the doctor, I am finally starting to feel like I might be on the upswing of this whole thing. But, this mostly hacking cough has brought “not sleeping well in the third trimester” to a whole new level. It’s lovely. Too bad it couldn’t have been a more regular head cold instead of this chest congestion that has literally made all the muscles of my upper body sore from coughing so much. Too bad I couldn’t have gotten a cold during the winter when colds were actually going around. No, I had to wait until Spring and being so large that one of my ribs feels bruised and broken, which has nothing to do with my cold.

Blah. So I haven’t blogged. And I don’t care.

I have to now though because I have a funny story.

Some of our besties, Becky and Christian, invited us over to their house last night for dinner. It was a perfect spring day so Steve brought a whole bag of outdoor goodness which included things like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a football, and a Frisbee to entertain the girls while we were there. We spent the whole even outside, eating on the deck and playing games in the backyard, it was lovely.

Well, Christian, another friend who our girls call Fink Josh (even though his name is Josh Fink), and Steve decided to try and teach the girls how to play football. It was special. They kept switching teams and having the girls try to get run with the ball between the orange cones that Steve set up. The girls were really excited about it and tried throwing the ball to each other, which was funny – they just really didn’t get it.

It all culminated when Tryn and Berlin where put on a team with Josh and set up again Steve and Christian. Someone threw the ball to Tryn who started just running around in circles while jumping up and down yelling because she was extremely excited but did not know where to go. In the meantime Berlin was running around shouting, “Guys! Guys! GUYS!! Watch this! Watch this guys!!”Until finally the guys, who had been trying to get Tryn running in the right direction, stopped and asked Berlin what was up and she said, “Look how I can spin my dress!” She proceeded to twirl around the yard, forgetting completely that she was supposed to be playing football, all the while Tryn was still holding the football jumping up and down and nobody went anywhere.

It was hilarious. One of those moments that would win Funniest Home Videos if I would have had a video camera with me.

Later on when we were saying goodbye to Fink Josh, who recently decided to sport a mustache, Berlin looked up at him and with the deepest belly laugh and like it was the best joke ever pointed at Josh and said, “Haha!! You have a mustache!”

She kills me.


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Mamma Bird said...

I wish you had video taped it but I am glad at least it's here and will be remembered. :) Good story!!

Christine said...

oh that is too cute! Nate and I just had a good laugh :)