Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Trick

Kye has a new trick, screaming. He just started doing it yesterday as a defense against Berlin as she was all up in his face and annoying him. So he screamed at her. Then he thought that was a pretty cool trick and spent the rest of the day screaming about nothing in particular...just testing it out.

After on particularly loud scream Tryn commented, "He screams just like a little girl!"

I wonder if she realizes that she is still a little girl?

Oh, and this morning Tryn and I were having breakfast and Tryn said to me, "Mom, there are 3 choices. First, the zoo. Next, is a hotel with a big swimming pool. Or the next choice would be Disney World. Berlin should choose which one she wants to do for her birthday and then I can choose which one I want for my birthday."

Hm. What does one say to that?

1 comment:

Christine said...

I think one says .... let's go to Disney World! Too cute.