Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Monarch

This last weekend I took the girls up to Brainerd to visit Grandma and Grandpa. While both the girls love visiting, Berlin is especially fond of the big yard and different outdoors to play in and discover.

We got there Friday night and Berlin immediately went outside to see what kind of creatures live in Grandma and Grandpa's yard and to see what kinds of flowers might be available for picking. I was sitting inside when Berlin came running inside sobbing like her heart was broken.

"What's wrong sweetie?" I asked her.

"There was a Monarch and Sadie ate it!" Berlin cried. Sadie is Grandpa's yellow lab.

"Oh no! That wasn't very nice of Sadie was it?"

Just more sobbing.

Turns out that Grandpa had saved The Monarch (which was actually a huge, very ugly hummingbird type moth) from Sadie and was holding it. After Sadie was put away in her kennel Berlin was given the moth with the understanding that it was injured and wasn't going to live long.

Well, Berlin decided that she wanted to put The Monarch in her bug container. Yes, she has an empty yogurt container with holes punched in the lid which travels with us everywhere we go. She currently has about 8 caterpillars in there, 5 of which turned into cocoons over the weekend.

Anyway, she got out her bug container and sat on the step to remove the lid. She set The (big hairy) Monarch down and, lo and behold, Dido, a dog visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house, came up and snatched that moth from right next to Berlin.

Poor Berli started shrieking at Dido, "Stop! Dido, stop! No! No, no, no!" But Dido was not impressed by the hysterical girl. Dido chomped that moth to pieces and swallowed it right in front of Berlin. You would have thought Dido had just eaten her favorite toy from the wailing that ensued.

Thankfully Grandpa came out and distracted Berlin with hugs and cycles of life information, which Berlin seemed to actually find quite interesting.


                                                   (Best picture I can find of one of the moths...ew.)

P.S. If Berlin comes running up to you with her hands cupped over something, chances are you might not want to find out what's in there.

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