Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beach Time?

On our nature walk through state parkland we found this beach which I officially vote Most Real Sand Sandy Beach in all of Minnesota, right there on the river. The kids loved it. It was like a huge awesome sandbox...or like being at the beach except way too cold to actually be at the beach. 

First of all, I love this picture!! It makes me laugh! What a cute family I have. 
And Kyeson, who spends most of our walking/hiking time strapped to Steve's back in a backpack, got to get out. Which he LOVED. "Look Mom! I got sand on my feet!"
Instead of footprints in the sand, this is what it looks like when you can't walk down a sandy hill but scooch a gimpy crawl down the hill.

And, haha!! This picture also makes me laugh! I wish you could tell what this hill was like from the picture, but Kye was trying to stand up to make another walk attempt through the sand and got off balance because of the incline. At first I thought he was just doing his "look through the legs" thing, but then realized he wasn't when he started getting mad because he couldn't lift up his head because it was too heavy at that angle. Haha!!

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