Tuesday, January 15, 2013


That's how I'm mostly feeling these days. Blah.

In my Thanksgiving post I mentioned that we had gotten the flu over Turkey Day. Now add to that two different colds (one immediately following the flu and the other just a week and a half ago, that one complete with fever and everything), some random fevers with the kids, and some sort of stomach bug that Tryn and Kye had last week that I now have this week. Oh, not to mention that I couldn't walk very well for a week because of my back.

This has been the worst winter for sickness ever! I literally think someone has been sick in this house with some sort of something since Thanksgiving Day. There may have been a day or two where we were totally healthy, but I honestly can't remember those days. The irony of it all is that last winter Tryn was actually going out of the house for school 5 days a week and being exposed to many more germs than our homeschooled selves have been this year.

Last week, when I was already tired of all this sickness, I accidentally wished that we could have a few more good snowfalls before spring (and it RAINED here, like a lot, last week!). I'm retracting that wish and am now wishing for Spring to arrive ASAP. Along with that wish, I also want to clarify that I would like Spring to force Winter to take all the yucky sickness with it.

I keeping thinking, "Okay, now we've had everything. We can't catch anything else, can we?" And it seems that there are just 100's of sicknesses waiting to infest our bodies and take over the world. Ahem.

I will stop my rampage now. I will stop complaining. I'm just tired of being sick and being surrounded by sick people.

Bring on Spring! Or else, take me on vacation. :) Either one will do.

On to more positive things. Time to, hopefully, put this all this sickness behind us.

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Tonya said...

I remember a couple of winters like that at our house. Sorry for you guys! This too shall pass...meantime snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good read aloud...sometimes that's all the homeschool they need.