Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures of the Kids!

I was realizing lately that I haven't posted pictures of my kids on my blog for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Whoops. I didn't actually even take these, I came across them on my camera tonight while I was editing for a client. They are hilarious. These next three are even blurry, but you'll understand why I posted them...and they are action shots after all. :)

And then there is Kye, playing with the girls. Story of his life. He needs some more little guy friends. Haha!

So, that's all. Just wanted to post some kiddo pictures for the mom's and grandma's. And me. :)


amy + ryan said...

Hahahaha!! I love Kye's barrette!

Heidi Haines said...

Amy - hilarious! I hadn't even noticed it in the picture, but it's a pretty common occurence around here. Whenever he finds one he always asks for us to put it can I say no? :)