Monday, August 26, 2013

Seven and so Responsible

Tryn has been wanting to get her ears pierced for such a long time. Years. Which is saying something because she is only seven.

Steve and I were never opposed to ear piercing, we just...I don't know, wanted it to be special for the girls. Not just a, "Hey! It's Friday. That seems like a good enough reason to do something big like pierce your ears!" Haha!!

We have some good friends who use a rock/jar system for encouraging good behavior. You have one jar filled with rocks, in our case 34 (not sure why it was such a random number), and one empty jar. We told Tryn that each day that her stuff was cleaned up in her room she could take one rock from the full jar and move it to the empty jar. If she didn't clean her room that day then one rock would be taken out of the goal jar and put back into the first jar.

We thought it would take her 6-8 weeks or more to get her ears pierced. It took her 34 days. Not once did we have to put a rock back into the first jar.

This girl was serious about wanting her ears pierced.

I am so proud of her. I don't think she gets her dedication from me. I definitely would have skipped a few days. :)

Of course, I had to take pictures. Although Steve took this picture of the pre-piercing excitement and I am not sure what Kye is doing here...using Superman as a microphone? Haha! It makes me laugh though. 

Picking out the earrings!!

 The boys watching ever so carefully.
Getting a little nervous, although there is just ear cleaning going on here. There are no pictures of the actual piercing moments. I was doing mom things, making concentrated eye contact, and making sure we weren't going to have a meltdown. She did great though. She didn't even cry! 

First look at the new earrings!!
 Learning how to take care of everything with some help from daddy.
 And what was Berlin doing this whole time? Exploring every item in the entire store and staying away from Tryn because watching made her nervous. :)
I am so proud of you Trynie!!

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