Monday, November 22, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Creepy Crawlies

Sugar and spice do not mix with creepy crawlies. At least, not in our household. There was one time over the summer when I was driving the car and the girls screamed like someone was chasing them through a graveyard in the middle of the night because there was a bug on Berlin's seat. Complete panic. All the way to Roseville.

Well, Friday morning Berlin was being a little stinker. She wasn't listening and just being all around ornery, so I placed her in her room and told her she had to play in there by herself for 5 minutes before she could come out, and I shut the door. Tryn and I needed a break from her. She, of course, reacted like she always does, she cried.

As I was busy trying to get ready to leave the house for the weekend, I didn't realize for about two minutes that she hadn't stopped crying yet. Behavior typical for Tryn, but not Berlin. At first I thought, "Man, she must have really needed that time by herself if it is taking her this long to get over it." But she still didn't stop. Just about the time I was thinking I better go check on her I heard her bedroom door fly open and little feet came running as fast as they could to my room.

"Mom! There is a bug in my room!" Big tears on her face.

"Well, sweetie, bugs can't hurt you." Me, thinking it's amazing that a fly is still alive this time of year.

"No, mom, there is a bug in my room. Come see!"

"Berli, I really don't need to see the bug. Why don't you show Tryn?"

Tryn and Berlin go running off to their room. Seconds later they are back, this time Tryn says, "Mom, come see the bug, it's really big!"

Okay, fine.

I go to their room. No bug. Anywhere. I asked Tryn where she saw it and she said on a blanket that was on the floor. I picked up the blanket. Nothing. I asked her what the bug looked like and she said, "It had 8 legs! And it was really long!" Oh no. I was starting to think big huge spider or something, one of my two completely irrational fears.

I look around some more. Nothing. I started cleaning toys off the floor and packing the girls suitcase. I told them that the bug had probably left because he thought their room was too messy.

Suddenly, blood curdling, hair raising scream from Berlin who was standing by the door. Right next to her foot in the middle of the floor was a 3 inch long centipede.

Tryn, standing right behind Berlin, screamed too and they both went running to my room screaming and crying to jump up onto the bed. The sobbing sounded like something out of a horror film. Pure terror.

I, of course, heroically killed the darn thing. But seriously, blech. *Still shuddering*

Sugar + spice + everything nice = not a good day for bugs to be in our house. Or in our lives for that matter.


Tonya said...


We see one of these in our house about once a month, maybe more. They make me sick to my stomach and I will WAKE BRIAN UP at 2am to kill one if I am up and one dares to run across the floor. They are NOT allowed to live. Ok, I'm going to stop with the caps and take deep breathes now...thanks for the nightmares!!!

Anonymous said...

i actually just deleted that very pic from my bookmarks today. jared spent 40 mins one night trying to figure out what type of bug they were so he stayed way too late wuth the creeps after his research. i have dreams that they fall on me while i am in the basement. and the absolute worst was the night i took a drink of water from my cup in my room, only to feel something hit the back of my mouth. so i spit it out.wish i hadn't cuz once i saw what it was i would have been better off swallowing the damn thing then the nasty creepiness that followed for days. i still drink out of a closed container at night:) sandra

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I would have freaked out and probably fainted. Unfortunately, I am not a heroic mom in those situations. I melt like a puddle. I am shuddering and shuddering some more from your story. ;) - Fauntel

amy + ryan said...

Ohhhhh, SIIIIIICK. We have those in our house every once in a while and I scream like your girls did. They're HORRIBLE. House centipedes is what I found them called. We call them "monners" - my nephew's word for monster. Ugh. I feel creepy-crawly just thinking about it.