Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cutest Thing Ever

My Trynie has such a great heart. She has taken to writing notes to people lately, I posted about one on Facebook the other day. We were going to her friend Ava's birthday party and - all of her own accord - she came up to me right before we left with a card for Ava that she had made. It said, "Dear Ava, I like you very much. I like to play together with you. You are a nice friend. Love, Trynica." How sweet is that?

For Steve's birthday Tryn wrote him a beautiful note, all on her own. Yesterday she made him a card that said (and this is with my spelling corrections so you can read it), "Dear Daddy, I hope your smiles are perfect. Dad, I love you more than anything. To Daddy, Love Trynie. I always think that I will be loved." Melt my heart. Seriously.

She wrote this card to Cait, "Dear Cait, I like you for so many reasons too. I love you. I like you so very, very much. To Cait, Love Trynie."

But my favorite of all was this picture that she wrote for Berlin after Berlin fell down and scrapped her knee yesterday:

(Dear Berlin, I do not like when you fall or get hurt really really bad. I am so sorry. To Berlin, Love Trynica.)

She also drew the two cupcakes and told Berlin the bigger one was for her, which made Berlin very happy.

Cutest thing ever. Seriously. Tryn is fully embracing the gift of encouragement and freely giving words of affirmation. It's awesome. I am so proud of her. :)


Mamma Bird said...

that is so sweet

Kristy said...

I LOVE this. So incredibly sweet.