Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Helpers

I have some really great helpers. Tryn and Berlin help me out with lots of things. They like to set the table, empty silverware from the dishwasher, bake, do food prep, vacuum, sweep, and dust. The crazy thing is that they love to do these things. They get super excited if we ask them to help and a lot of the times they are the ones who actually ask if they can help. I don't know why they are so excited about helping with chores, but I am afraid that someday they are going to wake up and really realize what's going on. :) Their favorite thing to help with is Kye. Anytime I ask them to help by putting something away or get something for Kye they always say yes. Anytime I ask them to hang out with Kye they get excited about it. And they especially like things like helping with the diaper changing process or feeding the man child. Example:


Kristy said...

Cute. I love Kye's expression. :)

Mamma Bird said...

I let Ethan crack some eggs with me the other day, the first one went fine, the second he ripped out of my hand, smashed it on the counter and tossed it in the mix! Then he SMILED!! I (heart) helpers! :)