Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pictures of the Birthday Boy

 Okay, so this is a lot of pictures from Kye's birthday. But it's only a few out of the 150 that I took, so at least I didn't post 150. You're welcome.

 Kyeson was having a hard time getting his presents open, wrapping paper is confusing you know. So he started ripping the wrapping paper apart with his teeth. Cute? Oh, so cute.
 Kyeson's room is Superman themed with vintage Superman comic books in frames, but this was his first Superman action figure. When I ask Kye what Superman says he puts one of his little fists in the air and starts singing the theme song, "Da, da-da-daaaaa!"

 My creative Trynie made Kyeson an alligator out of his present refuse for this birthday.
 Superman cake, of course.

 "I'm embarassed! Don't look at me!"

 Cheese face! :)
 Of course, the best way to eat cake is with your hands. Surprised you didn't know that.

I think now that Kye is two I officially don't have a baby in my house anymore, which is so bittersweet. Two is such a great age though. One of my favorite ages. I'm definitely looking forward to this next year and all the changes that Kye will make during it. Of course, Kye will also probably have to tell me to stop treating him like my baby when he is 30 years old, but...bye-bye little baby. :)

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