Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Little Man Child Turned Two!

Yup. Kye turned 2 almost a whole month ago. In June I gave myself a deadline of the end of June to blog about his birthday. Now it's July 11th and at the end of June I gave myself a deadline of July 12th (exactly one month after the birthday) to get this blog done. Barely made it. Whoops! 

Okay, but let's be honest, summer is FINALLY here and who wants to sit around typing on a computer more than we have to when we can finally be outside!!!!! Kyeson and I don't, that's for sure. We love to be outside right now.

Kyeson's birthday was really fun and relaxed. Steve and I decided not to have a party for him because he doesn't like people. Haha!! I'm only kind of kidding. Kye still doesn't really like to feel "out of his comfort zone" and lots of people bigger than him wandering around his house for no apparent reason makes him feel uncomfortable. When he is uncomfortable there is lots of crying and whining. And who wants to make a boy cry unnecessarily on his birthday? Not these parents.

It took Kye almost two hours to open his presents because he was so intent on playing with each one as he opened it. He especially loved his new matchbox cars and Superman action figure (which Steve insisted that Kye must have, and since Kye lives with Superman, ahem, Steve, who can argue with that?)

Then we just played with birthday presents and played outside all day and ate Kye's favorite, sausage pizza from Papa John's, for dinner. We even got out the kiddy pool, even though it was technically not hot on June 12th. I'm pretty sure he thought it was a fantabulous birthday. Yes, fantabulous is a word, I promise. :)

I have just these few iPhone pictures right now, but update on the boy and more pictures to follow!

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