Thursday, January 22, 2009

Berlin IS growing up...

Well, I am super bummed. Berlin is walking, and, no I am not bummed about that. I am excited actually because she is a much happier person now that she has a fighting chance at keeping up with Tryn. The bummer is that I have no camera to take pictures to show you how cute she is toddling around! I have this ongoing curse of no digital camera, long story. Anyway, she is so cute!! She is an early walker at 10 months old, and, for those of you who know her you know that she is already pretty small for her age, so to see this tiny little person walking around is kind of hilarious. She has to hold her arms up at about face level to keep her balance and her steps are short and jerky, but she is already to the point where she prefers walking rather than crawling. Crazy kid.

I was mentioning to Steve the other day how we had so much more one-on-one time with Tryn when she was Berlin’s age. Tryn knew where her eyes were and what part of her body her hands were. She had a vocabulary of at least 20 words by the time she was one, mainly because we were able to take the time to sit down with her and teach her. Berlin has not been so lucky. Berli communicates mostly with grunts, growls, yells, and pointing. Which is hilarious, but I have been thinking lately that we should be doing more to advance her communication skills. However, I was showing Berlin a picture the other day and I told her, “This is a baby.” She pointed at the baby and then grabbed her left wrist with her right hand and signed ‘baby’!! And people say that television is not good for anything! This is admitting an embarrassing fault as a parent, but Baby Einstein’s Sign Language dvd is a great babysitter. It not only works as a great distraction, but it is also teaching out little girl how to communicate.


amy + ryan said...

aw, berli! it is an adorable sight to see, your little dolly toddling around. and what a smarty-pants, with her ASL for baby!

my theory: the reason she is not talking yet is not because of any failure on your part to teach her. i just think that with such an expressive sister as trynica, berlin just can't get a word in edgewise!

Heidi said...

You are right Amy, that could be so true...let's pretend that it is!:)