Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love and Hate, more Hate right now.

I have never had such a love/hate relationship as the one I currently have regarding vehicles. I hate cars. Only, I love them because I would much rather we have them to get around than a horse and buggy. I mean, seriously, can you imagine me riding 15 miles to work every day on a horse? I think not. And I love that when the weather is -30 degrees here that I can still get around. However, I still hate them. Big hunks of seemingly mindless metal and steel that do, in fact, actually have a mind of their own.

We found out on Saturday that our car is terminally ill. Big fat stink. That just makes me so mad. Steve and I have been talking about how much we actually need a second vehicle lately. Our car is probably protesting the weekdays where it has to drive from Minneapolis to Maple Grove back to Minneapolis to Edina back to Maple Grove and then Minneapolis again. I mean, I would put up a fight too, but I wouldn't just go and quit! Sissy. But no, instead of getting a second vehicle we are reversing back past square one to counting down the days until (sometime within the next year for sure) we will have no car at all. Not only not two, but not even one! It could happen tomorrow. It’s like my car has an inoperable brain aneurysm. So excited about that. I mean, seriously! What great timing! We seem to have such bad luck with cars, I won’t give you the whole boring story, but just know, stupid car problems seem to follow us around like a plague. Well, here’s to hoping that I get to work tomorrow!


The Stephens said...

I hope your car is working today!

amy + ryan said...

ugh. you SO have our sympathy. :|

Sara said...

No car at all? Yikes! I'm impressed that you are even getting by with one!