Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tryn "reading"

This is the actual text from the book:

One morning, the Little Mermaid, Ariel, went looking for hidden treasure with her best friend, Flounder. Ariel was supposed to sing for the first time in front of her father, King Triton, and all the other merpeople, but for now, she was much more interested in sunken ships than her father's concert.

(Turn the page)

While they searched, Flounder began to get nervous. "What was that?" he asked. "Did you hear something?" Suddenly, a very large shark smashed through the side of the ship. "Swim! A shark!" Flounder cried.

(Turn the page)

They swam away very quickly. Ariel and Flounder found a safe spot where the shark couldn't reach them. "You big bully!" Flounder shouted at the shark.


As soon as she was sre that they were a safe distance from the shark, Ariel thanked Flounder for being so brave. Even though he was a very small fish, Flounder had a very big heart - and he was Ariel's best friend under the sea!


After their adventure, Ariel and Flounder headed home, hoping that they would not be too late for her father's concert.


trish and chris said...

oh MY i love it! does she have it memorized??

The Stephens said...

Don't let anyone tell you she's not reading! This is awesome--she certainly has her concept of print down. She understands some essentials of reading. She knows which way a book goes, that each page contains words, which direction to turn the page. It's excellent. Even though she is memorizing, this will soon lead to reading. When you read these memorized books aloud to her, put your finger on each word (not every time). Then, have her do it (it's okay if she doesn't get one-to-one matching yet). Eventually, you could take the sentences of these memorized pages and make sentence strips--cutting up each individual word. Then, have her try to put them in the right order. Oh, I just love it. It's also great to tell her that she's reading! BTW, Brian says that Steve is a good dad:)!

Anonymous said...

Dear The Stephens,



Anonymous said...

Grandpa says: "gol, that little stinker!" She is amazing! Course we knew that. Have a fun day.
Mom G

Beth Hautala said...

Hey guys . . .
This is awesome! There is nothing better on earth than hearing the voice of a very small person "read" something they love. You are obviously dedicated to story time, Steve and Heidi, :) Keep up the great work. I sense a writer on the way!
—beth hautala

amy + ryan said...

oh, this is so great! she has SUCH a sweet little voice; i love that we have the ability to capture it in such a way! nice work steve & heidi - you've clearly read that book to her many, many times!

so cute... when can i see her again?

Melanie said...

Tryn has entertained me immensely the past few days. I watched the music video probably about five times, and this, well, is incredible!

Kristy W. said...

Priceless. I love this! I love her, she is so precious. I so much enjoy watching these little videos of her, I wish I could see more of you all!