Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, my heart

Tryn has always been a happy sleeper. What I mean by that is that once she learned how to put herself to sleep when she was three months old we have not had a problem with her going to sleep or waking up. We have always just laid her down and, without crying, she will go to sleep. Then, when she wakes up she will just talk to herself and play, completely happy, until we come to get her - no matter how long it takes us. She never starts crying for us to come and get her. She still does this, and will wake up from her afternoon naps and the only way we know she is awake is that we eventually will hear her playing with Sophie or her blankies.

Berlin is different. I feel that the very best benefit to Trynica and Berlin sharing a room right now is that Tryn has taught Berlin a lot about being happy pre and post sleep. Every morning when the girls wake up together we never hear crying. We hear lots of playing and happiness. Because of Tryn. It is the longest time that the girls spend together during the day when we don't hear any screaming or fighting...maybe because Berlin is confined to her crib :). It's nice because we don't have to jump out of the bed the second they wake up.

However, when Berlin wakes up alone from her naps, she is not such a happy camper. She doesn't scream and cry, but she normally wakes up with a little maddness. Then she will just sit in her crib and pick someone to call for, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMY, mommy," or "Daddy, daddy, daddy...daddy, DADDY, daddy." Over and over again until someone will come and get her. Today was the first time that Berlin woke up and didn't call for me or Steve. Instead she called, "Tryn, Tryn, TRYN...Tryn, Tryn, Tryn."

It made my heart happy.


Kristy said...

oh cute :) that is really sweet

omabear said...

SUPER CUTE : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Erin Bennett said...

Too sweet!