Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh, Just Some New Pictures

The other day it was a little nice and not raining, it feels like it rained every single day of October. I am sure it didn't, but it did. At least most of the time. So we played out side in the decent November weather.

The girls practiced doing summersaults in the yard. Berlin pretty much did this the entire time. Her legs never left the ground.

Tryn, however, is getting pretty good at kicking her legs. Even if they don't go over her head all the time, she at least gets the point and her feet actually leave the ground :)

I took just a couple fall leaf pictures, just 'cause. I don't generally, one can only have so many pictures of colorful leaves in a lifetime. But it was fun experimenting with different angles.

Then I tried taking a picture of both of the girls - which never works. I took about twenty where Berlin refused to look at me. She wanted to look at the leaves, sky, and airplanes. When I finally got Berlin to look at me AND smile all at the same time Tryn's coat had moved up to cover the bottom half of her face. It is so hard to get a cute picture of both of the girls both looking at the camera and both smiling at the same time.

This morning I am at home with the girls because Berlin has a nasty sounding cold that kept waking her up last night, so we decided not to bring her to the church childcare. And, since the girls are going to be at home all day, I let Berlin wear a bright pink outfit with princesses on it. We got it from our friend Paisley whose mom is not fond of her wearing items of clothing with characters on them. I feel the same way as Paisley's mom, especially about character clothing. The difference is that Paisley has not had an older sister teaching her to love princesses for pretty much her entire life and doesn't know the difference. Those of you who know me know that putting a bright pink princess outfit on for regular wear is not okay in my book of parenting rules, however, Berlin thinks I am the coolest mom ever today because of her outfit. Today I want to be the cool mom.


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Oooh I love the new background! Very nice!

Cute pics!

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I LOVE the first picture : ) NICE
Also the ones of the girls are always SUPER CUTE : ) : ) : ) : ) : )