Saturday, October 31, 2009


I don't really like Halloween. It is really one holiday that I could do without. I don't like ghosts and goblins, I don't like like spiders and cobwebs, and I don't like witches or scary things in general. And we have a holiday to celebrate them. Sort of. I know what Halloween is actually about, whatever. That's not what it is about today. That's not why, while we were trick or treating tonight, Tryn was scared to walk up to one of the houses because the walk way was covered in cobwebs, spiders, and a headless man sitting on a bench. But, because I don't want to be "that" parent, the one who doesn't let their kids do anything fun for a candy holiday, we got dressed up and got some candy.

First we colored some pumpkins that my mom gave us from her garden. The girls thought this was a really spectacular thing to be able to do to pumpkins. I think Berlin actually got more marker on her hands, face, and shirt than she did on her pumpkin. Special thanks to the people who invented washable markers.

Then, since I honestly really don't care about Halloween, therefore I don't want to spend money on it, I used Tryn's costume for last year for Berlin. Regardless of how I feel about this holiday, I do have to say that Berlin was about the cutest little ladybug I have ever seen. For Tryn I let her put on her "wedding" dress and call herself a princess. She loved being able to wear the dress again as she has not been able to wear it much with the change of seasons. It's amazing how much she loves that dress. We went to the Jackson's (some friends from church who have two girls and lots of dolls at their house:) to get our supply of candy to last...well, really, since we don't normally have candy in the house I guess we don't really need a supply to last for any certain amount of time. I guess that just means that we have WAY too much candy in our house right now. And chewy granola bars. Apparently, if you don't hand out candy you hand out chew granola bars. It seems to be the in thing to do right now. Seriously. (Also, doesn't my friend Stacy just have the coolest coat ever? I might have a little coat lust.)

All in all, it was a good day for a holiday that I don't like.


omabear said...

CUTE, CUTE, pictures : )
I like the background design and color of your blog page, nice : ) Also your top picture of the colored hands tells so much about 'LIFE' and 'LITTLE PEOPLE', you just have to LOOK : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

David James Stewart said...

Berli in the 2nd from the bottom cracks me up.