Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We don't have our TV out much. Never really. I mentioned to a friend this last weekend that I watched TV and he said, "You have a TV? Where is it?" Good question. It normally sits in messy piles of wires and semi attached gadgets on the floor of one of two closets in our house. Did I ever mention that our place only has two closets? This is a problem in many, many ways and I have been very frustrated about it recently. Anyway, it's important enough to Steve and I that we are not always watching TV and actually interacting with the girls when they are awake that we sacrifice what little closet space we have to keep our TV out of view and temptation.

But, it was that kind of a weekend. So, for the first time in 10 months I sat down and watched TV without purpose. I didn't have a show that I wanted to catch up on. There wasn't a football game that I wanted to see. I just sat down and started flipping through channels. I wasted 2 1/2 hours doing this, and it was nice. I even let Tryn sit down and watch an entire movie, something I never do on the weekends. If I ever turn on something for the kids it is in 1/2 hour increments. Then, unfortunately, when the game was actually showing on Sunday afternoon I was in a serious cleaning frenzy. Let me tell you, it was a bizarre weekend.

While I was cleaning I still had the Vikings game on in the background, so I could stay updated - of course, they had to pick this weekend to lose. However, what was the most bizarre thing of the whole weekend? Walking by and seeing Tryn with her face smooshed up against the TV screen, kissing one of the Vikings players. Not just a peck either. A full on head tilting back and forth make out session.


Anonymous said...

She learned from the best!


Anonymous said...

she was kissing that hottie brett favre, wasn't she? :)

Anonymous said...

I say, that is a good sign Tryn is NOT ready for school, OH, NO ! , as Berlin would say : )