Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Test

Tryn passed The Test. There is this test that is supposed to tell whether or not kids have good self control and self discipline - which predicts that they ultimately do better in school and in life, Tryn passed.

It's called The Marshmallow Test and the idea is to set kids down and give them a choice. They can either have one marshmallow and eat it right away, or if they can wait 15 minutes to eat the first one then they will be given a second marshmallow.

Well, we don't actually have marshmallows in our house, so we used Tryn's favorite candy instead. We told her that she could either eat two Jelly Belly's right away, or, if she waited, she could also have a piece of chocolate. In the actual experiment they left four year old kids in a room by themselves with the marshmallow on the plate in front of them. We just set Tryn, who is only three, at the counter. After explaining it to her we just put the candy in front of her and walked away and did things around the house.

It was adorable. She sat there and just stared at the candy.

She didn't touch them, just looked. Steve set a timer on his phone for her and told her that if she wanted to wait to get the chocolate that she could have it when the timer beeped. About halfway through she turned and looked at Steve and said, "This is hard!" She did really, really great though. She was awesome!


Kristy said...

That is really interesting! Way to go Tryn, good job!

Kayla said...

LOL! Way to go Tryn! I love what she said to Steve, so cute!

Stephanie said...

Great job, Tryn!

I am sooooo scared to try this with my girls. Lol.

omabear said...

Cute picture : )
Good job Tryn : )
I think at that age I would of ate all of it as fast as I could : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Anonymous said...

can't say that i could have passed:) high five tryn! sandra