Monday, October 12, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

It’s snowing, and, don’t hate me, I really don’t mind. I kind of mind missing out on fall, I love fall. But I also love the first snowfall of the year. It’s romantic and pretty and if winter could feel like today all season I really would not mind winter one bit. I mainly just really don’t like January through March when it is so cold that breathing hurts and even the snow stays away because the whole world of Minnesota is so miserable. That is the only time that Minnesota sucks. Otherwise, I am the person that gets mad if it doesn’t snow by Christmas, there just has to be snow for Christmas.

I am also a girl that loves traditions. I especially love that from November to even mid-January there are lots of traditions. I love baking the same cookies every Christmas season, I love carving pumpkins, I love making hot chocolate and warm cozy dinners, I love decorating Christmas trees, I love holiday music, I thoroughly enjoy the whole holiday season. I also have a tradition that is associated with the first snow. This is not a hard-core-has-to-be-done-exactly-right tradition, especially since the first snowfall is not always very real. Sometimes there are just flurries, sometimes it snows and none of it sticks, but sometime around the first snowfall of the year it is time to watch one of my all time favorite movies: While You Were Sleeping.

I don’t even know why I like this movie so much, but I can pretty much quote it line by line. I have seen it at least 100 times – this is not an exaggeration. It’s sort of a holiday movie, but it is also not a holiday movie. In fact, there have been times when I have told people that my favorite holiday movie is While You Were Sleeping and they say, “Really? I’ve never thought of that as a holiday movie,” even though the entire story takes place over Christmas and New Year’s. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it you have to watch it. It’s an oldy and a goody. And here, today, on the first full cover the whole world in white snowfall, and my first free afternoon that I get because I am no longer working 40 hours a week sounds like the perfect time for my yearly tradition. Do you have any first snowfall traditions? I would love to know, maybe I will start another one next year!!


Erin Bennett said...

That is SO one of my favorite movies too! Love it.

Kayla said...

$45 for a Christmas tree and they don't deliver?

Anonymous said...

i almost busted out some amy grant christmas music today:) we got all dressed(took 15 mins)and made our first snow man, or better yet, snow monster. i do so love the first big snow:) fall/winter is my "anne of green gables" marathon. sandra

lhassler said...

Awesome! I can't even think about this movie without thinking of L. Kennedy. It's one of her all-time faves as well as mine. We watched it all the time in HS and she quoted it constantly. Such good memories. "Do I like Jello?"..."Yummmmmm."

Kristy said...

That movie always reminds me of Christmas. I love it!

I too love the first snowfall each year. Generally on the first snowfall I make soup and drink hot chocolate and wear a winter sweater. And I usually listen to Christmas music but I didn't this year just because it is just a little too early. Just a little though... :)