Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I did it. I broke one of my own rules today. First, I have to say that the word 'hate' is used sparsely in our home. It's a strong word. It is reserved for things that really deserve to be "passionately disliked". For example, I hate McDonald's. I hate what it does to people's health, I hate that is has no nutritional value, I hate that a lot of families don't eat together unless it is at McDonald's, I hate that it is so kid friendly, and I hate that it is so convenient. About six months ago, after looking up the nutritional values online for McDonald's food (and freaking out about how much saturated fat was in everything) I decided not to eat at McDonald's anymore. I have also watched the movie Supersize Me. Well, that's not totally true, I had to stop watching halfway through because I got sick to my stomach.

I ate at McDonald's today. Even worse, I went through the drive thru. It wasn't this, "I want to hang out with the girls and have lunch somewhere fun with them," type of lunch. It was a, "I really need to drop off this Redbox movie (after 5 or 6 days of having it in my possession) and I don't want Berlin to freak out anymore because she is so hungry," type of lunch. Shoot. Boo McDonald's for being so convenient!

Dear Mr. McDonald,
I don't like you. In fact, I hate you. I hate that you give people health issues, obesity problems, and are so unhealthy. Please stop being so kid friendly and convenient.

Heidi Haines


Kristy said...

lol. Amen :)

The Stephens said...

This is unbelievable to me, but I had a dream last night that I was in a Wal-Mart (I HATE Wal-Mart), and in my dream, I'm not kidding, I was going to write a blog about HATING Wal-Mart and reference your post as my inspiration!! I'm thinking about your blog in my dreams, Heidi!!!:)

Anonymous said...

i hate that their cheeseburgers are so cravable! it sucks!! sandra

Anonymous said...

I hate that I love it so much. I hate that when I am chewing every single bite that I feel better about my life.