Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Talkers

When kids are Berlin’s age it feels like they are constantly changing. Everyday she is learning new things and growing in visible ways. It’s not the same with Tryn anymore. One of the major changes in Tryn’s life is that she is starting to be able to hear tonal differences and match our pitches and keys when we are singing. I read that this, age 3ish, is when this normally happens for kids. Although this is a huge relief for Steve, who was starting to worry that she would be tone deaf, it is not a huge change in her life or way of play.

Berlin, on the other hand, seems like she is changing daily. It’s hard to keep track of everything and remember to write about it. I can think one day, “Oo! I should write that she just did that because it’s new and cute and exciting!” And the next day will be something equally new and fun. It’s just that time of her life.

I have to write about Berlin talking though, because it is the cutest and greatest thing ever. Berlin started using sentences quite a few months ago, but now she talks in sentences the majority of the time. It’s really funny because when she tries out a new sentence that she has never said before or strings words together to get her point across it is sometimes really slow. For example, a few weeks ago Berlin was crying and I asked her what was wrong and she told me, “Tryn…hit…me.” I couldn’t believe that she had managed to put all those words together correctly to mean what she wanted them to mean! Unfortunately, now that she has also learned how to communicate that she has also told her first lie. Sometimes when the girls are playing together and Berlin gets upset she will use that sentence, even if it’s clear that it is not true. Little stinker.

Her really slow little sentences are just so cute, as well as the sentences that she can say faster. She says, "Thank you," a lot, but it sounds more like, “Cank oo.” One of my favorite things that she learned from Tryn is that when they are really excited about everything they are eating they will thank us for each item. Like if we make eggs, pancakes, give them juice, and some sort of fruit they will thank us for each item on their plate – and maybe even their plate if it has a princess on it. Berlin's sounds like this: “Mom, cank oo dis, and dis, and dis, and dis!” I love it.

Berlin has also started realizing that some words sound different than the way she has been saying them for a long time. She always used to say, “Gree” for drink, but this past week the sound has changed to, “Grink” because she realized that everyone else is saying it differently than her.

They just grow up so darn fast.

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Stephanie said...

So sweet! I love that time, when they are learning to talk, because like you said, every day they say something else totally adorable and amazing.