Friday, May 21, 2010

First Things Friday

As per their new norm, the kiddos woke up fairly early this morning and came and crawled into bed with Steve and I before we were ready to get up. It would be great if this changed sometime soon, not really sure how to bring that change about though.

Also, as per their new norm, they got bored quickly when they realize we weren't going to jump out of bed to play. They usually go find dresses and start playing dress up or some really girlie thing like that. This morning Berlin decided that she wanted to put on some underwear, which is fine since she has been wearing it more regularly. However, about 5 minutes after she put it on she started crying from the kitchen table, "I peed! I peed!" She was rather hysterical about it, as she was about almost everything this morning.

Definitely time to get out of bed.

I grabbed her and took her to the bathroom to rinse her off. When I got back out to the kitchen Tryn told me proudly, "Mom! I cleaned up the pee!"

"Really? You did? With what?"

"I cleaned it Mom!" She was so happy with herself, which, really, she was being so nice and helpful and kind, so she should feel good about that.

"I know sweetie, that's great. But WHAT did you clean it with?" This was all that mattered.

"A towel!"

"Babe, WHERE is the towel?" Again, this is all that mattered.

"I put it back, in the's right here." She grabbed the soaked towel from the oven door handle, where she had put it back, just like a good girl should.


"Thank you sweetie for helping clean up. Please go put that in the laundry basket and then wash your hands with lots of soap, okay?" And time to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

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Sara said...

Hahahaha. That's awesome. :-)