Sunday, May 9, 2010


Many people have been wondering how potty training Berlin has been going. To be honest, we have not been working on it very consistently. Last weekend Berlin had her first little poop on the potty, although it was slightly traumatic as she ended up crying about it in the end. However, yesterday morning I decided to let B run around bottomless - completely. She wanted to and so I didn't stop her.

After a few minutes she ran up to Steve, "Daddy! I peed!"

We had her run to the potty, she went, and we couldn't find any wet spots anywhere so we figured that she probably meant, "I have to peed," instead of, "I peed." Two completely different things :)

Five minutes later she ran up to Steve again, "Daddy! I poop! I poop!" and, since it was apparent that she hadn't, Steve told her to go sit on the potty again. About 30 seconds later we heard, "I'm all done!"

Sure enough, the deed was done.

Three potty training accomplishments all in one day! She told us twice that she needed to go (instead of us asking her), she POOPED on the potty, and went by herself! It was a big day in Berlin's world.


Tonya said...

Happy Mother's Day to an awesome mom!!! <3

Anonymous said...

yea Berli girl. Tell her Grandma and Grandpa are very proud of her!

Kristy said...

omg, what a CUTE picture of her!

Good job Berli!