Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Still

One part that I did not expect of having another child was in letting go of the "baby" part of my other baby. I always knew that Tryn would not be my only child, so she has never been the "baby of the family" except when she really was the only baby we had. But it wasn't a process of letting go of The Baby when Berlin came along. For awhile we started thinking that Berlin might be our last kid, so she really became The Baby - despite her darn hardest attempts to grow up. Now that I am having another child I feel a little sad that Berlin will no longer be The Baby. It helps a little that she will still be our youngest girl, that feels different than if we were having another girl. A boy just makes things different.

Regardless, my Baby is turning 3 this Saturday!! How did that happen? She is not really a baby at all anymore anyway. So part of me is so glad to be having another kid, I am not ready to move past having a baby in my life.

But this helps...

And this.

Sigh. See? She really IS still a baby. I guess it's irreversible. She will always be my baby, even when she's 30.

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Mamma Bird said...

Conner was my baby too and it was different having another of the same gender. He has been fighting to find his 'new' place in our family. I would not change a thing and there were only a few bad days where he felt very dethroned like the day he was really sick. But it's getting easier for everyone everyday. Personally I think it's really good for him. I do miss all my babies though, like that little person is gone even though they are here in their grown up form.