Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheese Farm

I don't know if many people have seen my "About Me" section on Facebook. I wrote it way back in the day when I first signed up, when everyone still read their friends likes/dislikes, favorite quotes, favorite books and movies, and the About Me sections on Facebook. Maybe everyone else still does read them? I don't.

Anyway, if you haven't read it, mine goes like this:

I grew up on a farm in Brainerd, MN. When I was little I used to take a slice of cheese and break it into exactly 16 little squares (using a folding technique), I got into the habbit of doing this almost everyday for lunch. Then I would put my elbow on the table and put my hand to my mouth and pretend that each square of cheese was a bale of hay that had to be moved up the conveyor (my arm) into the barn (my mouth). I also put these little squares on my strawberry jam or honey toast. I still like the taste of cheap processed cheese on my toast...

I bring this up because today I decided to make a piece of toast with some of my mom's homemade strawberry jam and put some cheese on top. Don't make that face until you try it. Really. It's not bad, reminds me of childhood at least. I literally have not made this snack in years. I have definitely never told my kids this story, they would be too young to understand.

Anyway, as I was making my snack my kids asked for a piece of cheese. I gave them each one and went back to toast making. As I sat down at the table with my snack I realized that both of my kids had ripped their cheese into several little pieces and were pretending to be sheep, eating it off the table without using their hands. I guess eating cheese and pretending your are on a farm go hand in hand. Or maybe it runs in the family. :)


projectlokhorst said...

I do not find the combo odd at all!! We grew up putting grape jelly on our grilled cheese, and when I have a grilled cheese sandwich I still do that!! I love how until we are older and realize people do things differently we think that everyone does this :)

Kristy said...

I so remember you doing that when we were little. I guess it's just fun to eat cheese :)

Fauntel said...

My great-grandma introduced me to cheese and jelly toast. It is delicious. I think the saltiness from the cheese and the sweetness from the jelly make the perfect combo.