Wednesday, February 9, 2011

High Mountains

Conversation I just had with Tryn...

Tryn: When I have a baby I am going to be in charge. Like a mom. I want to be in charge, like you are in charge.

Me: Hm.

Tryn: Yup. When I have a baby I am going to climb a mountain too.

Me: Why do you want to climb a mountain?

Tryn: Because. I am going to be a mountain climber when I grow up. I think that mountain climbing and flying are good, but I think mountain climbing would be more fun.

Me: Why do you think that?

Tryn: Because. I could climb way up and then put on some pixie dust and then jump off the mountain and fly!...Do you know where there are any tall mountains?

Me: No. Well, I know where there are some, but they are very far away.

Tryn: Like in St. Paul? Do you think there is a tall mountain in St. Paul?

Me: No babe, there are no high mountains in St. Paul.


Kristy said...

Haha! I just love her.

I love her reason for climbing a mountain- I guess she figured out how to accomplish both of the things she wanted to do :)

Fauntel said...

I love how random they are at this age. These conversations are so entertaining and priceless.