Monday, June 20, 2011

He's Here, He's Here!!!

Kyeson Birgen was born on June 12 at 2:09am, weighing in at 7 lbs 1oz, 20 1/2 inches long, almost exactly two weeks early. All along I had a feeling he was going to come early, but he took me a little bit by surprise. I will probably write up the whole birth story later on sometime (when I have time, haha!!), but here's short version. I have been telling people, when I think of Trynica's birth I think LONG. 38 hours from the beginning of contractions until she entered this world - that's a long time, especially to be awake for all except an hour of it. When I think of Berlin's birth I think FAST...and pretty easy. Kye's one word to describe his birth? PAINFUL. Maybe frustrating, but definitely painful.

As with Berlin, I didn't really know if I was in labor for quite awhile. I started having contractions in the middle of the night on Friday night - which happen one other time two or three weeks ago and that time it ended up not being real labor. So, same middle of the night contractions. 24 hours later he was born. I was expecting for this labor to at least be shorter than Berlin's as is the case with most babies. The more you have the shorter the labor is, but it wasn't.

We went to the hospital around noon on Saturday and the midwife wasn't sure if I was in labor either. I think the only reason she didn't send me home right then and there is because I explained Berlin's labor story to her and she didn't want me to have another baby in a car.

So, long story really short, I didn't dilate past 4cm all day, even after a three mile walk around Lake Calhoun (in which my contractions got to be 2 mins apart), several shorter walks after that, and having the midwife break my water. I think she broke my water around 9:30pm...though I'm not totally sure of the time details. Essentially, at 12:30ishpm the midwife wanted to put me on Pitocin so I didn't have to be up all night, and I started crying because I was way too tired and frustrated at this point. So, I said sure, but the Pitocin never had time to kick in. I went from being at 4cm at 1:00am to Kyeson being born at 2:09pm. This was the most painful hour of my life. It was horrible. Honestly. I mean, he spent so little time in the birth canal that his head was still perfectly round when he came out.

However. I think, after all that, I ended up with one of the greatest babies in the whole wide world. Contrary to his labor, he's so easy! He only cries if he's hungry or sometimes when he has to poop, he will hang out on the floor all by himself and just be as happy as a clam, he will go to sleep on his own after being swaddled and given a pacifier which he spits out promptly after he has fallen asleep. If you know our girls you know this was not the case with either of them. He is a totally dream baby in comparison.

Feast your eyes upon his cuteness :) He really might be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.


Kristy said...

he's so adorable! :) I LOVE all the pictures!

Melissa said...

Precious! He sounds a lot like Ben and Jack as babies. Remind me never to have a girl :)

Tia said...

LOVE HIM!!!! he is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to cuddle him :) I'm so glad he is good baby for you! :)

emilyhansen said...

Oh friend! Congratulations! He is stunning and that story sounds incredible- I'd love to hear the long version sometime (I'm a sucker for birth stories!). Hope to connect with you all soon!

Anonymous said...

I know most parents think their child is the most beautiful baby on the planet - but yours really is!! Kyeson is adorable...just like his sisters. Lucky kids they get their good looks from both parents.
So grateful he's easy for you, and so hope you get to feel a bit more like normal again soon, although normal will look much different now.

Praying for continued happiness for all of you. Now, go get some rest and take more photos of your cuties very soon.

joelle and mitch said...

Oh my goodness!!! Congrats! I honestly didn't even read your post because I was too distracted by the pictures. He is amazing.

Mitch thinks he looks like Steve and says Cheers to another addition to the future Business Time team!

Mamma Bird said...

My 3rd was the hardest too. Trent was 8 hard hours, Conner was 4 and Ethan was 24. :( But every one is right! He is cute!!