Monday, June 27, 2011

Trynica Update

Of course I meant to write an update about Trynica because her birthday was this month, however, I was not expecting the little man-child to come a full two weeks early. I've been a little busy.

Here goes:

Apparently 5 is the new 13, or so it seems. Ever since Trynica's birthday she has been acting so much older in SO many ways! She keeps making comments on how much smarter she is, how much bigger she is, and how much more capable she is now that she is five years old.

I would say that the thing that Tryn loves more than anything else is to color or draw pictures. She will spend hours, literally, everyday coloring pictures. Steve and I don't even bother putting the markers away until after the girls go to bed because as soon as we put them away they come right back out. She has some really creative ideas, such as today she drew the ocean with sharks and jellyfish in it. While she was drawing this picture she was telling Berlin a story about how she went to the ocean once. Apparently, she went with our friends Rollie and Cait when Steve and I were busy doing something else. This is not true, but leads me to another thing.

Tryn loves to talk. A few weeks ago I drove to Roseville, ran some errands, and came home. This took us about two hours and Trynica talked almost the entire time. She told Berlin princess stories, made up stories about stuff, and just chatted away in general. She comes up with some pretty crazy stuff.

One of the things that Tryn really likes is being the big sister and it is a job that she takes very seriously. Sometimes this causes fights between the girls, but often it makes Tryn a great helper. She is always willing to help out with anything if it involves helping her younger siblings. She is so sweet and kind.

Oh, and Tryn is pumped to go to school in the fall. It's all she talks about. Though she will be one of the younger kids in the class, she is totally ready for school. She already knows how to write all her letter and can even read some words. She would be much better at reading if I knew how to teach her, but I don't how to teach someone the all the crazy reasoning of the English language. She can even do basic math, like adding and subtracting, with smaller numbers, and she tries counting up to 100 all the time. And she loves to do projects. During her birthday our friend Gennae told Tryn that she could pick going out for ice cream, going to a movie, or doing a special project together. She picked the project. She is totally ready for school. I'm not though :)

Tryn still loves pb&j every day for lunch, loves scrambled eggs, and still loves all kinds of fruit. She has even started eating some veggies, her favorites are tomatoes and carrots (both are not green, I think she has an aversion to green veggies).

I think that's all for now.


Tonya said...

Tryn is one of my mostest favoritist peoples on earth.

Kristy said...

I love her. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Tryn! Love ya tons, think you're amazing! So glad you're my girl!