Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cutest Thing Ever

Berlin has finally started coloring. She was always interested in coloring before, but it would last all of 5 minutes or so. She would climb up to the table, scribble on a piece of paper or a picture, and then climb down. It just wasn't something she was interested in, not enough going on to keep her involved. Overnight, a few months ago, Berlin started really coloring.

It's the cutest thing ever. Once she started really coloring she could color within the lines right away. The funny thing is that she will pick one color to color the entire picture. So she will sit there and color each little part of the picture, not going outside any of the lines, but the entire picture will be blue or whatever color she picks. She has recently started branching out a little bit and the other day colored a picture that had three colors on it.

The best thing about it is that she concentrates so hard that she really doesn't know what else is going on. Example, yesterday she was coloring and I put a cookie on the table next to her and she didn't even notice. Once I pointed out that there was a cookie there she didn't even eat it - not until she was done coloring. Talk about concentration. One time my friend Becky and I decided to see if we could distract her so we talked about all sorts of things that Berlin might be interested in, but I literally think she didn't even hear us. And she will color like this for a long time, even up to an hour.

She has even started drawing a little bit. Her people look like potatoes with legs and arms poking out of every direction, even the top of the head. It's funny and so cute.

And she chews on the side of her mouth, just like I do, except she is way cuter when she does it :)

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Anonymous said...

yes, i believe i've seen that same expression on her mamma's face:) sandra