Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Fall

It's Fall. Obviously. But with the new house and everything that has happened in our lives since June, it will be amazing if I will even be able to remember this time of life a few years from now. With the lack of sleep combined with the amount of things there are and have been to do, I feel a little bit like my brain has been on auto pilot for the past four months. It was suddenly August and I was thinking, "We had summer? What? When did that happen?" and I feel like I was thinking that yesterday and now it's mid-fall. And someone was talking about November yesterday like it's coming up soon. And some darn company sent me an email last week saying there are only 8 weeks left before the real holiday shopping begins. Meanwhile, I think my brain turned off the day Kyeson was born, so all this time passing is blurry to me.

So, it's Fall. Not obvious to all of us I guess :) During the past 4 months the times that feel real to me, that stand out, are the days where we did something besides pack or unpack boxes or go from project to kids to project to kids all day long. Such as the day my lovely friend Becky suggested that we visit an apple orchard.

It was a perfect fall day. Between the three of us (Steve, Becky, and me) we took about 200 pictures on my camera. I've only downloaded 150 so far because - yet again - I have run out of room on my computer and need to delete more stuff before I can download more pictures. I have already deleted everything in iTunes so I could add more pics...and have now completely filled up that space. New computer? Yes, please.

Anyway. Here are some of my favorites from what I have so far.

A family picture? These NEVER happen for us, so I am super excited that we have one! Even if we didn't plan our outfits and Kyeson is in a sleeper (lazy bum). At least we have a picture of all 5 of us together that isn't the one of us sitting on my hospital bed! :)

These are two of my most favorite pictures of the day for sure.

This is funny. Steve told Berlin to put her arm around Tryn...who said it had to go around her back? Also, Trynie's cheek has a wad of caramel in it, so it's just all together funny cuteness to me.

Me and Becky, laughing at Steve :)

It was a great, great afternoon.


Kristy said...

Priceless the picture of you and Kye!

Sometime unplanned family pictures are best!


I may-as-well sum it up and say I LOVE all the pictures...because they're ALL so great!

Mamma Bird said...

Love it! I wish we had a apple orchard close by. How much do they cost there? Apples are $1.69 a Lb here and not even for the good ones. :( The pictures are really awesome. About your computer couldn't you just get an external hard drive?

lhassler said...

So I don't even house any pictures on my computer. We run them strictly through auxilliary drives. I've got three back-up drives and my computer is set to access all photos that way. So, it means full functionality and auto-backing up without needing to delete. It works awesome.