Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Intentions

Can you believe that I am typing a blog post on my phone while sitting on a bench at the park, watching the girls, and rocking Kye in his carseat so that he will stay sleeping? This is all written by one thumb, so please excuse any typos. :)

I had the very best intentions to blog weekly updates about the house, rooms we've painted, and things we have decorated. However, between painting all the rooms, taking care of three kids, not sleeping through the night, and worrying over a dog who is still not house trained, I just don't have time. Or energy. I have a list of things that seems to grow longer by the day instead of shorter.

Not to mention, I completely forgot about Kye's three and four month blog checkins. He's doing great. Still gassy, still not sleeping through the night, but I have never enjoyed a baby as much as this one. Note: I didn't say love, I said enjoyed. Of course I loved my girls as babies, but different life, different circumstances, and a different baby have made this last one so precious and enjoyable. Everyday with him is a good day. He is laughing all the time now, and not just little giggles but full blown belly laughs - which might be the best sound in the whole world. His first real laugh was also at me, with Steve's help I will admit, but at me nonetheless. Kyeson and I have a lot of fun together. :) A few other things I know about Kye is that he is overdue for his four month checkup, he has outgrown his 0-3 month clothes, he doesn't like loud noises or too much noise, and he still has a few of his original baby hairs on top of his head that are about 4 inches long.

That's all for now! Here's to hoping for more time to blog over the next few months - at least more than I've done the last few! :)

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Mamma Bird said...

I know it's crazy how fast time goes by when your busy and that is never more true then when you have a baby AND move!! As long as your taking pictures (which I am sure you are) it's fine. You can always blog about it when they go off to college! HAhahahaha, sigh, burst into tears...