Friday, November 4, 2011

Longest Day Ever

I tried shortening this enough to make it a Facebook post, but I just couldn't make it fit. So here goes my day thus far:

Wake up at 6:30am with a baby who does not want to go back to sleep. Decide to take advantage of the situation and get ready for the day so I can leave at Kye's first nap time. Have breakfast with my girls and walk Tryn to the bus. Leave at 9am with Berlin to finally run some errands that I have needed to do for weeks. Seriously, one was to return something that I bought in August. Stop at the first store Target, near the Knollwood Mall, because it's the only errand I have that I can do before 10am. Buy coffee asap since our new coffee maker is still en route to Zenith Ave. Shop, leave Target, load the car, try to start the doesn't start. At all. Call Steve. Open hood of car. Close hood of car. Walk to Old Navy, which later realized is 0.4 miles, carrying Berlin to make a return while Steve calls car dealership. Walk back to Target, making Berlin walk, to buy a wrench to disconnect car battery in hopes that it will reset the chip in the key - which the dealership thinks might be the problem. Also buy a bottle of nail polish incase Berlin needs a significant distraction at some point. Nice man who parks next to me offers to disconnect the battery for me. Car still doesn't start. Thank the nice man. Go back into Target to buy lunch. Eat lunch standing in the Target parking lot waiting for a tow from AAA. Watch as AAA strange man has to push my van out of it's parking spot in order to tow it. Drive with a strange man up to Brooklyn Center while Berlin plays games on my phone in the backseat of the truck. Get dropped off at Honda dealership. Guy says it's probably not a key issue. I say, "Sweet." Gather my groceries and carseat, get a ride from strange Honda man to car rental place. Get a rental car which Steve set up for me. Get home approximately 1:30pm.

4 Target purchases + 1 Old Navy return = nowhere near finishing all the errands that I needed to do. Not a successful outing.

4 1/2 hours away from the house = longest 4 1/2 hours ever.

Conclusion: Might never return the thing I bought in August.

And we still don't know what is wrong with the car.

Thank goodness for a wonderful husband who got us home.

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Mamma Bird said...

Sounds like a sucky day, sorry, :(