Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Beds and Chickens

This just happened:

*Stomping sounds from upstairs*

Me: Please stop stomping!

*More stomping down the stairs*

Me: Please stop stomping! There is no need to do that.

Flustered and very frustrated Trynica flops into a living room chair: I'm trying to make my bed... *big sigh followed by fighting back tears* I am trying to make my bed, but the chickens keep showing! *Completes with a rolling of the eyes and another big sigh*

At this point I have to turn my face away "to attend to Kye" and hide my smile: What? There are chickens on your bed?!

Trynica: Yes! And every time I pull the blanket up the chickens are there! And my feet will be cold!

Me, really turning away to laugh: Um, just a minute.

I turn back to Tryn with my fingers pressed over my mouth: What are you talking about?

Tryn: When I move my blanket this way *motions with both of her hands to the left*, when I move it to the left, it won't cover my feet and I will be cold!

Me, finally understanding: You mean the birds on your sheet?

Tryn: Um...yeah.

Me: Did you try turning the blanket the other way?

Tryn: No.

Me: Well, why don't you try that?



Kristy said...

Hilarious. And way cute! I can just hear the drama in her voice ;)

Mamma Bird said...

hahahhahahaha (SO CUTE)

Christine said...

I love when you share what your girls say! I CAN'T WAIT for Ella to have problems like this for me to help solve!