Monday, July 16, 2012

Carnival Land

We love living in Robbinsdale. It's like a small town in the middle of a big city or something. For example, this last weekend was Whiz Bang Days. I am not even sure of everything that happens, but it is a four day event (Thursday through Sunday) with things like a carnival, parade, community business sales, AND a good chunk of people also decided to have a garage sale due to the extra traffic around. 

They started setting up the carnival a good week in advance and since it was three blocks from our house the girls saw it every single time we left the house. There was a lot of excitement building up to carnival time, hence this picture of the girls looking so excited while waiting in line for tickets. 

 We didn't bring our camera, so all these pictures were taken by either Steve or me on my iPhone. 

 Just waiting in line!
 Watching the big scary grown up ride that little girls couldn't go on. 

 Kye was quite the champ. After not napping well over the weekend he actually stayed awake and happy (probably way overstimulated) while we hung out and waited for the fireworks to start. So here he is waving with Steve to the girls who were on the swing.

 Did I mention Whiz Bang Days ends with fireworks at 10pm on Sunday night? We sat on the sledding hill that is two blocks from our house and watched the fireworks and then walked home. It was so fun. 

Funny things that Berlin said throughout the night: 

"Mom, look at that! I have really good eye spy (eye sight)."

"Mom, I just saw a boy walking by and his pants were falling down!" (Only we still live pretty close to N Minneapolis and his pants were not actually falling down, just belted around his knees.) 

"I can't walk anymore, I have a blizzard (blister) on my foot."


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Fantastic. When I drove by this on my way to your house on Saturday, I just assumed you were all there! Ha. Wondered how excited the girls were about it!