Tuesday, July 31, 2012

He Walks!!

Kyeson walked!!!

He's almost 14 months old (on August 12) and so we have been thinking that it would happen any day. In fact, last Sunday when we got back from camping Steve and I decided to do that make-the-baby-walk-from-you-to-me thing because both of us really wanted to be around for his first steps. He was not interested at all until Steve got out some Cheetos (no, I do NOT normally give my one year old Cheetos, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.) So, by holding Cheetos in view as a bribe we got him to take a step or two via lunge between our arms.

I don't really consider this walking though because he didn't do it on his own and it wasn't totally walking. It was taking a small step while reaching as far as possible to grab the outstretched hand and, therefore, Cheeto. It was a start, but lacking for sure.

Friday night, during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games the man child walked for the first time. Steve was sitting on the couch and I was sitting in a chair near the couch and Kye had been walking along holding on to the couch. Then, without any bribes or prompting, we almost weren't even watching, Kye let go of the couch and walk to where I was sitting in the chair. It was a total of about 4 or 5 steps.

It's a sign people, a sign. We have an Olympian in our house. Haha!!!

Probably not. But wouldn't that be something if we did and that's when he started walking?

He has taken a few steps since then, but he is really just taking his time. When the girls started walking, especially Berlin, they never really crawled again. Kye still seems to prefer crawling though as it is much faster than his walking.

Truly, I am so glad that it has taken him this long to walk. It has made him feel like a baby much longer and I just feel thankful for that. It's hard to let go of the baby part of your last baby and it has been good for my soul to have him wait on the whole walking thing.

But now he's a big boy with a big boy hair cut. Anyone want to bring over their baby for me to hold? Haha!

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