Monday, December 22, 2008

You've got to move it, move it.

Trynica is great. She loves to have, what she calls, "a dance party." We will turn on some upbeat song and she will jump and dance around longer than you could imagine a person being able to do that. Yesterday Tryn, Berli and I were playing in the girls' room (we had left some music on the the living room) when suddenly Tryn heard one of the songs that she loves to dance to. She stopped playing, said, "I have to go dance," and ran out to the living room to dance all by herself. I could hear her jumping around for the entire song, so cute.

However, this also happens outside the home in rather crazy ways. Thursday night I had to be out of the house with both of the girls and so we went to our favorite store, Super Target. It is the Christmas shopping season, of course, and so there were tons of people there. I was pretty distracted trying to make sure Berlin was happy and that Tryn was following me. We were browsing the toy section and Tryn picked up a little microphone and started singing. Fine so far. Then she realized that this little microphone did, somehow, make her voice louder. It took about two seconds until she was yellling Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the top of her voice. Slightly embarrassing, but still pretty cute. Especially since all the moms are looking and smiling with that little 'oh look, isn't she cute' grin. Well, we move on the the Christmas wrapping paper and for some reason Tryn thinks the wrapping paper is like a trombone. She picks it up and starts singing into it as well. At least I can hear where she is and I am not having to wonder if she is still following me. Then, suddenly I hear, "YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT! YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!" and I turn to see my two year old having her own little dance party, to her own music, in the middle of Super Target. Just lots and lots of jumping and shouting, "YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT!" Lovely. Now the moms aren't smiling, they are actually laughing at us. I mean, it was pretty funny, but I wouldn't have minded if it would have been someone else's kid being so funny...and so loud.

Sure makes her daddy proud how much she likes music though ;)


Anonymous said...

I just have to comment, Heidi. I can't tell you how many times that's happened in our house...and outside of our house...with both children at about the same age that Tryn is now. It's really non-stop fun, as long as it's appropriate - often isn't and we just laugh and love all of it.
Enjoy these moments - as they grow up and get embarrased by people looking at them. When they don't know anyone is watching, it's much better.

Dawn said...

I wish I would have been a shopper in Super Target that day. I would have laughed really hard...then bought Tryn the microphone. :-)