Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking Mt. Rainier

Steve and I went hiking on Mt. Rainier when we were out in Washington. It was the most beautiful hike I have ever been on in my entire life.

It was cold, it rained on us part of the time, and the entire time we were on the mountain the top of it was covered in clouds. The best view we had of the mountain the entire time we were in WA was while we were driving out to the hike. We passed a few spots in the road where we had a perfect view of the whole mountain, but we didn't take a picture because we thought we would just take some when we actually got there. Unfortunately, by the time we got up to Paradise lodge the whole top of the mountain was covered in clouds and it pretty much stayed that way for the remainder of our time in Seattle. There were two other times that we saw partial views of the mountain, once from the Space Needle and once when we were on the Bainbridge Ferry at 6:50am, but both of those times weren't super clear views.

Regardless, it was the most beautiful mountain hike - ever.

I am a total sucker for wildflowers. They are so romantic. I think one of the most beautiful things in the world are fields of wildflowers, and this mountain had wildflowers everywhere. It was perfect. And there were waterfalls everywhere, one of my other most favorite things. And it was SO green, even though there was snow on top of green grass in spots.

It was amazing.


Dan B said...

Beautiful photos, Heidi! Erin and I loved Seattle when we were there. Glad you had fun! Say hi to Steve for me!

lhassler said...

Really, really beautiful photos. What lens did you shoot with?

Mamma Bird said...

Beautiful. Almost looks to good to be true. Like heaven or a painting. Miss you. Love you.