Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

Both of my kids are mad at me this morning. Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you what life is like with two spirited and emotional young ladies in our house.

Tryn is mad at me for two reason. Reason number one is that there were no clean tights or leggings in her size this morning. So instead of letting her wear a pair of Berlin's, I made her wear pants. Sometimes if she has to wear pants I will put a skirt or a dress on over the pants. I didn't today. She is mad.

Reason number two that Trynica is mad at me is because while we were getting into the car she realized that she was missing this little quarter sized makeup brush that she thought she had with her. Since we were supposed to be at our 20 minute away destination in 5 minutes I wasn't really in the mood to look for it. I did retrace our steps back up to the front door. I couldn't find it. She is mad.

Berlin is mad at me too. Her reason? Well, since she has been staying awake until 10pm the last 4 nights because of time change and stubbornness, she was one of the reasons that we were still 20 minutes away from our destination 5 minutes before we should have been there. We had to wake her up to get her ready to go. She was mad when she found out that Tryn got to eat cereal at home and she didn't. I gave her a banana and a granola bar in the car. She still had some banana left 20 minutes later so I asked her if she was done with it and she said she was. So I took it and chucked it into a tree. She started bawling, and she is mad.

Save me.


The Stephens said...

My favorite part: "save me."

Kristy said...

Oh boy... :)

Mamma Bird said...

nope, it did not work, i still want a girl.