Friday, March 18, 2011

On the Flip Side

Here's the flip side to my post from Wednesday:

This morning Berlin came into our room rather early. She climbed up into bed and snuggled down right between Steve and I. She grabbed my hand and pulled it until it was resting underneath her cheek. Then she promptly fell back to sleep with her little hand wrapped around a few of my fingers.

Of course, this forced me to wake up more fully because my daughter's sweet face was only inches from mine, and every mother knows that when you have the opportunity to gaze at your sweet babies sleeping face you take it - no matter what time it is. Besides, it's hard not to. Looking away from a sleeping angel face is like trying to look away from the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen and we all know that's almost impossible.

I am in love with my three sweet angels, one of whom I have yet to meet. As Steve spends the afternoon preparing a funeral for a two year old little boy from Edina, I am especially so thankful for them today. Thankful that I get them for one more day. And I hope with all my might that I get them for one more, and one more, and for thousands more after that.