Friday, March 25, 2011

Wait, There Was a Birthday?!

Oh my goodness. It has been almost a month since Berlin's birthday and I just realized that I have not posted any pictures of her cute little birthday party. Bad mom.

I kept meaning to edit them. Now I realize that if I wait until I have time/energy to edit them they will never make it on to this blog. So, here they are in all their unedited glory.

Birthday girl in all her cuteness.

In her birthday outfit, complete with new sparkly shoes surveying the lay of the land. I don't actually know if she liked her new shoes better or the new princess castle with princesses. And someday we will move past this princess stage...but not today.

Waiting to eat cake is hard!

Especially when your cake is a Rapunzel cake, complete with Rapunzel's hair ALL over it.

But first all the guys took all the kids sledding. It was SO cold out, I think the high for the day was 14 degrees or something dumb like that. But they still had fun. And thank goodness it actually snowed a few days before the party because the weekend before almost all the snow melted.

Finally! Time for cake...

...and presents!

What's left at the end of the day? Princess massacre.

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Mamma Bird said...

oh, that is so sweet. boy birthdays are SO different it's fun to see what a girl one would be like. : )